Sacred Heart is proud to offer Dance as part of our performing arts programming.  Whether your child is a novice or on a pre-professional track, they have the opportunity to learn and expand their training. Students are given the tools to develop strong dance techniques, artistic ability, self-confidence, and a passion for the art of dance. Individual talents, abilities, and goals are encouraged, inspired, and nurtured.


Dance education begins with an awareness of the movement of the body and its creative potential. At this level, students become engaged in body awareness and movement exploration that promotes a recognition and appreciation of self and others. Students learn basic movement vocabulary in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/Modern, Musical Theatre Dance, and Hip Hop. Students participate in performances during grade-level shows and special events.


Students will continue to expand their technique in Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz,  Hip Hop, and Liturgical dance. In addition, students have the opportunity to study the art of choreography and create their own dances that will be performed at a morning meeting. 

Upper School 

Currently Upper School girls can participate in the dance club, which offers an opportunity to learn repertoire in lyrical, jazz, hip hop and Liturgical Dance. Beginning in 2024-2025, Upper School Dance will be offered as an elective available to girls in grades 9-12 and is designed to meet the diverse scope of students’ background and skills in dance. Students will learn technique in ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz and hip hop and will study Liturgical Dance as a form of worship and prayer. In addition, students have the opportunity to study the art of choreography and create their own dances. Students in this course will perform at the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Mother-Daughter Liturgy, additional chapel services and at various community service events. The dance course aims not only to help students improve their technique and showcase their learning through choreography and performance, but also helps girls build confidence, connection and community.