Invest in talent and programmatic and physical assets to ensure strong alignment of resources to our vision and mission for students.


STRENGTHEN and enrich our diverse, dynamic student community by creating financial access and support for talented students of all backgrounds.

RECRUIT, support, and develop talented and diverse educators who possess the scholarly expertise and pedagogical mastery to prepare learners to thrive in and contribute to our multicultural world.

BUILD collaborative and cohesive administrative and strategic teams to drive priority work and excellence in the student experience.

EVOLVE systems and practices for governance and leadership development in order to sustain a strategic and resilient organization.

REIMAGINE daily and annual schedules to create time for adult learning and collaboration.


DESIGN innovative programs where students can exercise choice,explore interests, build purpose, and grow into women who transform the world through leadership and service.

DEDICATE and reimagine versatile campus spaces that stimulate creativity, innovation, and teamwork in our comprehensive curricular, cocurricular, athletic, and arts programs.

CREATE learning hubs on campus to support our focus on leadership skills, spiritual formation, and intellectual development, inspired by the vision of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat.


CULTIVATE a lifelong commitment to the Sacred Heart mission among all students and families through deep and consistent relationship building throughout the continuum of experience.

EXAMINE and align the management and deployment of Sacred Heart’s financial resources to support the realization of our vision now and in the future.

ADVANCE the case for investment through strong engagement, development, and enrollment strategies that center on the mission, vision, and impact of a Sacred Heart education.