Advance our vision for educational excellence and commitment to leadership formation as defined and measured by the Goals and Criteria.

ARTICULATE the student outcomes and philosophy of learning at Sacred Heart.

ALIGN curriculum and pedagogy, and regularly assess for ongoing relevance, consistency, and excellence.

DEVELOP unique Sacred Heart assessments to showcase student learning and work, and to measure progress and growth.

ENSURE cohesion among and between divisions to deliver a consistent and intentional educational progression for every student.

INTEGRATE service learning and cocurricular offerings into the core program as vital aspects of intellectual, spiritual, and leadership development.

REINFORCE standards of teaching excellence to attract talented and diverse educators to Sacred Heart, and regularly assess development and performance.

DESIGN mission-aligned, student-centered support mechanisms that attend to the positive and holistic development and growth of girls.

COMMIT to innovative and inclusive practices and pedagogies that promote equity in learning and creating conditions for every student to thrive and succeed to her greatest potential.