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Caroline Burch '15 talks to broadcast students about working on "The Ellen Show"

Caroline Burch '15 visited the Broadcast Journalism class virtually on April 22. Caroline currently works at The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a Digital Production Coordinator. She was an active member of the Broadcast Journalism program for four years at Sacred Heart Greenwich, serving as Executive Producer of "Today from the Heart" in her senior year. Caroline graduated from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2019. 

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LinkedIn Executive Lizzy Connor '06 Hosts Lunch & Learn for Alumnae

LinkedIn Account Executive Lizzy Connor '06 presented a Lunch & Learn for alumnae teaching tips for networking, conducting a job search, and building a strong LinkedIn profile. More than 20 Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae from the class of 1972 to the class of 2000 signed up for the Zoom call. This event was co-sponsored by the Alumnae office and the Alumnae Media Network. 

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Lily Lemkau '18 and Lorraine Rinaldi '19 share film school knowledge

Two Sacred Heart Greenwich alumna from the filmmaking program Lily Lemkau ‘18 and Lorraine Rinaldi ‘19 came to Sacred Heart on November 25 to speak about their college film career. 

Lily is a sophomore at the University of Southern California (USC). She is in the prestigious Cinema and Media Studies program at USC which has a 2-3% acceptance rate. Lorraine is a freshman at Johns Hopkins University which has a highly regarded Film and Media Studies program. 

Lorraine said it is important to show initiative by signing up for programs even as a freshman. She signed up to participate in a student program that Johns Hopkins offers at the Cannes Film Festival in France. She is participating in Student North, a student-run film company, and she worked as an Assistant Director on the group’s most recent film.

“Having had so much experience in high school gave me the interest and confidence to pursue this interest in film school,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine is planning to pursue a major in Critical Studies as well as Production. In many other film programs, students don’t get to touch the cameras until sophomore or junior year. One of the reasons Lorraine chose Johns Hopkins was that she could get hands-on experience and access to the equipment even as a first-year freshman. 

Lorraine said that Sacred Heart prepared her for this track by teaching her set behavior, efficient use of her time, and the digital skills needed to succeed in the field. 

Lily is planning a triple major in Screenwriting, Production, and Critical Studies. She is also adding a minor in Entertainment.

Lily interns two days a week at Ramona Films, a production company run by Dave and James Franco. Her job is script coverage. In this capacity, Lily reviews television pilots, movie screenplays, and books that are being considered for production by Ramona Films.

She has one hour to read a pilot, three to four hours to read a screenplay, and three days to read a book. After reviewing the content, Lily is responsible for writing a few pages of summary and then giving her opinion if the project is worth pursuing by Ramona Films.

Her boss gives her the opportunity to practice pitching these projects. 

“I’m only 19 years old, but I am given a lot of authority. They trust my opinion,” Lily said.

Olivia Andrews ‘20 asked Lily how she was able to decide on film as her major.

Lily said, “I was not good at math in high school. I was not good at science in high school. When I got into Broadcast Journalism in my sophomore year, I made a documentary about Amy Robach, an ABC anchor. I spent the day on set at Good Morning America. My documentary ended up getting a lot of positive attention and winning local and national awards. I finally found something I was good at, and filmmaking is all I have wanted to do ever since. The decision to go to film school was easy for me.”

Lorraine plans to add another major such as economics to her film major. She was attracted to Johns Hopkins because it offers her academic options in addition to filmmaking. She is considering a future in the business side of film.

“Filmmaking is what I love,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine discussed the differences of film making at college from high school. In her film class at Johns Hopkins her work is shot on 16 mm film, which requires a level of physical work try to measure exact focus, which is a new experience than using the digital cameras at Sacred Heart. Editing in her program is both a digital and manual process. When editing manually, they use a machine to cut and splice material together.

“It is a very different process from digital,” Lorraine said. “I learned how to edit manually and use a light reader. It is exciting to see the film developed.”

Lily encouraged students at Sacred Heart’s broadcast and filmmaking program to continue to pursue their passion for production throughout high school. Lily interned in the media business each summer since her junior year of high school. 

“My experience in the Creative Filmmaking class at Sacred Heart helps me when I am applying for internships. You might not think it, but the awards you win in high school and the experiences you have at Sacred Heart set you ahead of others in the future when applying for internships and college,” Lily said.

Thank you to Mary Dowling '22 and Jackie Erensen '22 for additional reporting.