Middle School Uniform Policy

The Sacred Heart Greenwich dress code refers not only to wearing the specified attire but also to looking neat and well-groomed. The following dress code regulations apply from 8:25 am to 3:25 pm and at school-sponsored events. Any teacher or administrator at Sacred Heart has the right and responsibility to monitor and enforce uniform requirements and inform the Middle School Administration of any infraction. The success of the dress code calls for the cooperation of students, parents, and teachers.

Daily Uniform:


  • Skirt: Black Watch plaid kilt. Kilts must be an appropriate length. The kilts can be purchased from Flynn O’Hara or Lands’ End. Skirts are required to be no higher than 4 inches above the knee *Shorts or spandex may be worn under skirts but may not be visible  

  • Pants: Navy blue uniform pants may be worn. The pants are available from both uniform vendors listed above and are the only pants accepted as part of the school uniform.

Tops: A collared polo shirt or turtleneck must be worn daily.

  • Polo Shirt: White, navy blue, hunter green or black with the school logo. Polos must be purchased from either Lands’ End or the Sacred Heart Bookstore (limited stock available in Bookstore). 

  • Turtlenecks: White or black.  

* Please note: cowl necks, oversized shirts and ribbed turtlenecks are not permitted.

  • Sweater: Navy blue cardigan or crewneck sweater. 

  • Sweatshirts: Any Sacred Heart sweatshirt purchased through the school bookstore may be worn with the uniform except on Dress Uniform days. The sweatshirt should not be altered in any way and must be worn right side out. The navy zip-up fleece jacket from FlynnO’Hara with the school logo is acceptable.

*All spirit wear sweatshirts purchased from the Tiger’s Den, plus any team, club, advisory or theater apparel may be worn only on Spirit Fridays. 

  • Long-Sleeve T-Shirt: White, gray, navy or hunter green t-shirt with the school logo. Available for purchase through the Sacred Heart Bookstore.

                        * Please note: a polo shirt or turtleneck must be worn underneath the uniform-approved long-sleeve t-shirt. 


  • Shoes: Athletic sneakers. No boots, moccasins, slippers or backless shoes. 
  • Socks: Any color ankle or no-show sock; white or navy athletic or knee sock; any school logo socks purchased through the school bookstore.


  • Tights: Plain navy blue, black, or white.

  • Leggings: Plain black or navy blue ankle-length leggings may also be worn. No logos or designs are permitted. No yoga pants.  (flared leggings are acceptable in middle school) 

Spirit Fridays: Every Friday (unless it is a designated dress uniform day), students will be permitted to wear any Sacred Heart top. The appropriate uniform skirt and shoes are required. Tops purchased from the Tigers Den and apparel from teams, clubs, theater, advisory, or other school-sponsored activities may be worn.  

Dress Uniform: Students will be notified in advance of when they will need to be in dress uniform. The dress uniform includes the following:

  • Bottom: Black Watch plaid kilt 

  • Top: White short- or long-sleeve polo shirt with the school logo. 

  • Optional: Navy cardigan, crewneck or ¼  zip-up sweatshirt, or fleece with the school logo.

Jewelry/Accessories: Jewelry in good taste; no jewelry that causes distraction to others. No piercing of the tongue or of visible body parts except limited piercing of the ears. No hats, scarves, bandanas, sunglasses, or other such accessories are permitted.   

Appearance: No visible tattoos.  No non-conventional hair colors.

8th Grade Privilege Shirt: 8th graders may wear their designated long-sleeve shirts, except on Dress Uniform when they should follow those guidelines.  

Enforcement: Any student who is not in proper uniform will receive a discipline infraction.  See the discipline section of the handbook for more. After three points, a student will be given detention. Chronic violations of the uniform requirements will result in more serious disciplinary action. 

Non-Uniform Days: Students are expected to present a neat appearance and adhere to the following guidelines on non-uniform or “civvies days.”  If necessary, any Faculty member may request a student change into an appropriate dress.

  • No short skirts, halters, or strapless tops or dresses.

  • No t-shirts with offensive wording or pictures as deemed by a Faculty member.

  • No shirts that expose the midriff area or display cleavage.

  • Students will be expected to be in appropriate dress for special events.

PE Uniform:

  • Shirt: Grey Sacred Heart PE T-Shirt 

  • Bottom:  Black shorts/Leggings (Sacred Heart Shorts are available for purchase) 

  • Sweats:  Black Sacred Heart PE Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

  • Footwear:  Students are required to wear a running sneaker or an alternative that provides adequate support (please no converse sneakers or platform sneakers).  

All PE Uniform items are available for purchase in the school bookstore.

As we transition to new uniform items, if a student owns the old PE uniform, they are permitted to wear that.