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Courage and confidence! I cannot repeat this war-cry too often.
saint madeleine sophie barat

A girl occupies every leadership role at Sacred Heart Greenwich. In a survey by the Goodman Research Group, 80% of girls' school graduates go on to hold leadership positions after college and beyond. Leadership and wellness are all about helping girls find their niches and encouraging them to bring others along with them. 

A newly formed Board of Trustees committee on Wellness & Leadership aims to streamline programming and embed this type of training directly into each Division's curriculum. The committee is well-time with the newly revisioned Criterion of Goal V that asks Sacred Heart schools to create "a culture that promotes spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social emotion well-being." 

Divisional Programming

As Madeleine Sophie Barat said, "Courage and confidence! I cannot repeat this war-cry too often." And you will hear courage and confidence repeated on King Street in each division during the exploration of wellness and leadership programming. Central to a Sacred Heart education is the ability to channel our foundress' vision by developing and applying these concepts in and out of the classroom. A Sacred Heart graduate is brave, takes risks, communicates effectively, and amplifies her role in the community.

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