Upper School Leadership Academy

Designed to guide young women to discover and develop their unique leadership skills, the Sacred Heart Greenwich Leadership Academy is an opportunity for students to further their leadership development in the Upper School at Sacred Heart Greenwich. Students in each grade level completed an end of year culminating experience applying the skills and feedback they have acquired in the program in order to earn the Certificate of Mastery in Leadership.

The Freshman Leadership Academy 

  •  Presentations are designed to give voice to each student's unique skills and are delivered via an elevator pitch to a panel of faculty and administrators. 

The Senior Leadership Academy

  •  Senior Reflections answer the prompt, What is my Sacred Heart Why or How I Choose to Lead and are delivered to the entire Leadership Academy, faculty mentors and administrators as their final project.

Ninth Grade Elevator Pitches

Click to watch the Class of 2026  Elevator Pitches 

Senior Capstone Projects

Click to watch the Class of 2023
leadership reflections