To influence our world, we must understand it. 
saint madeleine sophie barat

What makes Sacred Heart so distinctive? We are a mission-based school dedicated to inspiring our community to live with faith, purpose, courage, and confidence.

Since Sacred Heart's founding in 1848, our mission has remained the same: to empower girls and young women to become lifelong learners and leaders. Our Goals and Criteria reflect our commitment to guide students to develop a personal and active faith in God, a deep respect for intellectual values, a social awareness that impels us to act in the service of others, a belief in the power of community, and personal growth.

Ours is a diverse, inclusive community aimed at helping all people feel valued and respected. Whether students are learning to read, debating politics, leading a prayer service, conducting scientific research, writing short stories, or playing sports, we encourage them to experience the world and ask questions. To listen attentively, develop their intellect, and express themselves as they help others. Our entire community supports and combines curriculum, commitment, and advocacy designed to weave a deepening intellectual understanding about the world and the many roles we can play in it.

The result is that Sacred Heart graduates are not only academically ready to shine in college, but prepared to pursue intellectually, personally, and spiritually enriched lives as leaders with a social awareness that guides their decisions and actions.

Living Our Mission

A photo of elementary school students & their teacher together by a garden.