You make an impact! COR UNUM

Cor Unum - one heart, one mission, one school community. Your generosity to the 2022-2023 Fund for Sacred Heart supports the school in enabling each student to gain the intellect, ability, faith, passion, and opportunities to transform the world. 

The Fund for Sacred Heart - with all contributions applied to the current school year - holistically touches each student's experience, and  enhances academic innovation plus arts and athletic programs, faculty excellence, financial aid, and community strength.  

Together, we can raise $2.2 million for the 2022-2023 Fund for Sacred Heart to support meaningful opportunities for students across the school and in each division, such as the opportunities highlighted below. Thank you for your generous engagement! 




  • Interdisciplinary leadership and wellness programming for students, parents, and educators

  • Investing in curricular planning and enhancing design for K-12 arc of learning  

  • Enhancing science and technology across the curriculum

  • Practicing good stewardship and sustainability

  • Expanding media literacy through hands-on learning

  • Strengthening athletics so students enjoy a variety of character and team building experiences

  • Supporting Financial Aid to continue to make Sacred Heart education accessible to talented students

  • Supporting faculty professional development to provide forward thinking pedagogy to help girls excel

  • Enhancing our connection with Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation, including faculty exchange

  • Connecting alumnae with classmates, students, and school life

  • Enhancing internet speed on campus and electrical capabilities of outdoor spaces


  • Leveraging new greenhouse facility for students to expand their understanding and year-round access to gardening, exploration of tropical plants, and sustainability 

  • Enhancing capstone projects through on and off campus field trips, and additional enrichment opportunities

  • Supporting visiting artists, authors, and speakers, to share inspirational stories and expertise 

  • Preparing for a Lower School strings orchestra by offering violin instruction Barat-grade 1

  • Expanding media studies through Lower School News From the Heart broadcasting and Lower School Tiger Times

  • Teaching team building skills through grade 3-4 Mountain Workshop and grade 4 Wilderness Survival Day


  • Deepening research skills and media literacy to increase critical thinking, self awareness, and advocacy

  • Launching instructional, interactive technology for online lessons in math, writing, and grammar to provide appropriate challenge and growth 

  • Supporting visiting artists, authors, and speakers, to encourage curiosity and self-expression 

  • Using art to demonstrate understanding and express emotion

  • Reinstating trips to build community and reinforce learning across the curriculum 


  • Enhancing STEM programming, including robotics, VR and AR technology, to immerse students in practical use of math, physics, and engineering along with examining, manipulating, and encountering first-hand concepts that are currently inaccessible, abstract, and theoretical 

  • Establishing both a Humanities Hub for Writing and Critical Thinking and a Math Learning Hub for support and enrichment

  • Exploring Goal III deeply, students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumnae will build community through expanded service opportunities, student panels, and expert presentations

  • Enhancing Freshmen Seminar to help girls build skills to succeed in high school and beyond

  • Expanding newly-established Chess Club into a competitive program participating in interscholastic tournaments

  • Establishing cross-disciplinary speaker series that enhances interdisciplinary coursework 

  • Investing in a team to provide a community of care of student-centered support and mentoring 

Click below to read stories of how your support of the 2021-2022 Fund for Sacred Heart advanced our mission and enabled transformative student and community experiences. 

Integrating technology across curriculum

By solving design challenges, building apps, programming robots, and traveling to outer space using virtual reality, students learn through trial and error, grapple with ambiguity, and demonstrate content mastery. 

Practicing good stewardship and sustainability

Students commit to be responsible stewards of the earth and to understand the relationship between good stewardship and sustainability. The School is in the final stages of becoming certified in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.

Welcoming talented students to our community

A Sacred Heart education inspires girls to let their curiosity roam, acquire wisdom, live compassionately, and build just societies. Support of financial aid strengthens our community by making a Sacred Heart education accessible to more families. 

Staying engaged with Sacred Heart

You’re always a Sacred Heart girl! Alumnae celebrate their lifelong connections with Sacred Heart, enjoying new experiences with classmates and engaging actively with the life of the School.