Fund for Sacred Heart

You make an impact  

Cor Unum - one heart, one mission, one school community. Your generosity to the 2023-2024 Fund for Sacred Heart advances our mission to educate and empower students to pursue excellence, build courage and confidence, and lead lives of purpose and integrity. 

You make an impact! Together, we can reach our 2023-2024 Fund for Sacred Heart goal of $2.25 million with strong participation. Thank you! 

The Fund for Sacred Heart - with all contributions applied to the current school year - holistically touches each student's experience, enhancing academic innovation plus arts and athletic programs, faculty excellence, tuition assistance, and community strength.  


Your support of the 2023-2024 Fund for Sacred Heart will advance our mission and enable transformative student and community experiences. Below is a snapshot of your gifts in action. 

Living our mission

Living our mission inspires our community to live with faith, purpose, courage, and confidence.

Flourishing as leaders

Students discover their unique paths to leadership, developing the commitment and courage to make a difference in the world. 

Enhancing science and technology

Students master concepts in science, math, and engineering, supported by robotics, artificial intelligence, and hands-on scientific research. 

Practicing stewardship and sustainability

Students are responsible stewards of the earth and understand how good stewardship relates to sustainability. 

Pursuing health and wellness

Students and educators develop in mind and body through initiatives in the classroom, Advisory, and cocurricular activities. 

Integrating service into learning experiences

Students learn through cocurricular, mission-driven, immersive experiences. 

Building character & teamwork through athletics

Student-athletes thrive with teamwork and resilience. 

Instilling appreciation of the arts

Students develop artistic passions and skills through diverse offerings such as the visual arts, theatrical performances, Madrigals, and Lower School Strings.

Welcoming talented students to our community

Supporting tuition assistance makes a Sacred Heart Greenwich education accessible to more families, expands our impact, and enriches learning for all. 

Partnering with alumnae, industry experts, and organizations

Students learn real-world skills from industry and community experts, guest speakers, and unique externship opportunities.

Supporting our diverse population

Providing student-centered, research-based, outcome-oriented support structures enables access to learning and empowers all students to develop effective habits and skills.

Staying engaged with Sacred Heart Greenwich

Alumnae celebrate lifelong connections, network, enjoy new experiences with classmates, and engage actively with the school.

Expanding professional skills

Faculty embrace innovation, inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, educational technology, interdivisional collaboration, and the advantages of an all-girls, Catholic education. 

Reimagining campus spaces

Upgrading data and electrical infrastructure, adding interactive monitors in US, enhancing the Hayes Common Room in MS, and adding a new roof and deck for Barat Center are part of facility upgrades this year. 

Stretching skills

Upper School girls build skills through an enhanced Advisory curriculum, Math Learning Hub, and Writing Center, as well as a new Peer Tutoring program. 

Learning in a global community

Upper School students grow beyond campus, through grade-wide community-building excursions, global service experiences, and exchange opportunities. 

Growing skills for academic success

Middle School students build executive functioning skills and refine essential student habits of mind in programs from Advisory to Academic Extensions.

Bonding with peers

Middle School girls enjoy a sense of community and belonging through grade-wide bonding exercises and retreats.

Enhancing the social studies program

Lower school students study geography, community, government, and current events to engage as active citizens.

Gaining confidence

Lower School students learn to take risks and develop as leaders, assuming essential roles in performances, media studies, liturgies, and assemblies. 


Sacred Heart Greenwich is united in a common purpose based upon the Goals and Criteria. In the spirit of Cor Unum - one heart, one mission, one school community - the Sacred Heart Greenwich community powerfully comes together each year to support the Fund for Sacred Heart. Your personally meaningful support to the Fund makes a game-changing impact on expanding transformative opportunities this year for our students.

We value gifts of every size. We count on robust participation by our engaged Sacred Heart Greenwich community, including trustees and former trustees, parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, associate alumnae, educators, corporations and foundations, and friends.