You make an impact - Fill Our HEARTS 

Cor Unum - one heart, one mission, one school community. Your generosity to the 2022-2023 Fund for Sacred Heart enables students to gain the intellect, ability, faith, passion, and opportunities to transform the world. Students thrive with opportunities this year such as the ones highlighted below.

You make an impact - your support fills our hearts, so together we will reach our 2022-2023 Fund for Sacred Heart goal of $2.2 million with strong participation. Thank you! 

The Fund for Sacred Heart - with all contributions applied to the current school year - holistically touches each student's experience, enhancing academic innovation plus arts and athletic programs, faculty excellence, tuition assistance, and community strength.  


Your support of the 2022-2023 Fund for Sacred Heart advances our mission and enables transformative student and community experiences this year. Below is a snapshot of your gifts in action. 

Flourishing as leaders

Through leadership and wellness programming, students, parents, and educators strengthen in mind and body.

Enhancing science and technology

Students explore - supported by robotics, VR, and AR technology - to master concepts in science, math, and engineering. 

Practicing stewardship & sustainability

Students are responsible stewards of the earth and understand how good stewardship relates to sustainability. 

Deepening social awareness & community

Students, educators, parents, and alumnae build community through service, student panels, and expert presentations.

Expanding media literacy

Students become discriminating consumers of information, able to navigate physical, digital, personal, and intellectual resources.

Building character & teamwork through athletics

Girls thrive as healthy athletes with positive teamwork and resilience. 

Welcoming talented students to our community

Supporting tuition assistance strengthens our community by making a Sacred Heart education accessible to more families. 

Sparking curiosity

Visiting expert speakers, artists, and authors spark curiosity and self-expression. 

Staying engaged with Sacred Heart

Alumnae celebrate lifelong connections, enjoy new experiences with classmates, and engage actively with the school.

Expanding professional skills

Faculty embrace innovation, imagination, inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, and interdivisional learning. 

Upgrading facilities

Enhancing internet speed on campus and electrical capabilities of outdoor spaces are part of facility upgrades this year.

Stretching skills

Girls build skills in an enhanced Freshmen Seminar, the new Humanities Hub for Writing and Critical Thinking, and the new Math Learning Hub. 

Building competitive chess program

Students compete in interscholastic tournaments in an expanded Upper School Chess Club.

Demonstrating learning through art

Middle School girls learn to integrate the visual arts across disciplines to showcase learning and express emotion.

Building community

Middle School girls broaden learning and relationships through school trips.

Discovering and tending nature

Students understand and access gardening, tropical plants, and sustainability in a new greenhouse, as part of the Mustard Seeds program.

Cultivating new ideas

Spanning prehistory and dinosaurs to ancient Greek culture, capstone projects strengthen skills in research, presentation, and teamwork.

Embracing media studies

Girls build journalism and broadcasting skills by creating Lower School News From the Heart and Tiger Times.

Enhancing the music program

Barat-Grade 1 students gain skills and poise through violin instruction and prepare to play in a Lower School strings orchestra.

Building collaboration skills

Lower School girls gain team building skills through Mountain Workshop and Wilderness Survival Day.


We are grateful to our current families for their leadership in supporting this year's Fund for Sacred Heart. We value the participation of each and every family to advance our mission.