I give to Sacred Heart, and will continue to do so, because the School is a place for women to grow to be independent, while still being cared for and nourished.  Sacred Heart, to me, means a place where learning is all encompassing, and gives girls the tools to change the world.

Lizzy Considine ’16, Georgetown University ’20

Supporting the girls of today and tomorrow! 


The Class of 2022 live out their slogan of Ohana each day, with the girls sharing their friendship, care, and energy with one another and with fellow students across the school. 

The Sacred Heart Greenwich experience has shaped the girls’ success on King Street and has prepared them to thrive in college and beyond, as women leaders distinguished by their understanding, empathy, and faith. 

The Senior Class Gift 2022, in memory of Pamela Juan Hayes 64, provides you with the unique opportunity to honor Pam’s commitment to support joyful learning for both the girls of today and the girls of tomorrow.  

Joyful learning for today’s girls  is fueled by the 2021-2022 Fund for Sacred Heart. With your contribution applied to the current school year, the Fund for Sacred Heart enhances academic innovation plus arts and athletic programs, faculty excellence, financial aid, and community strength.  Your generosity to the Fund for Sacred Heart expands the student experience in every way, supporting new, transformative opportunities across the school and in each division.  

The Pamela Juan Hayes 64  endowment fund supports the girls of tomorrow. Your generosity to this endowment fund will continue Pam’s legacy of a deep love of learning, grounded in the Goals and Criteria -- intertwining an education of mind and heart to develop women leaders of courage, compassion, conviction, and faith.

The endowment fund will drive the new FUTURES program for Sacred Heart girls K-12: Foundations in Thinking, Research, Entrepreneurship, and Social Action. FUTURES is a mission-based, integrated program enabling each student to build foundational skills through multiple pathways. 

Foundations in:

Thinking:  Hands-on experiences - in design thinking, environmental awareness, makerspace fabrication, media making, virtual reality labs, clubs, and workshops with experts - will teach our girls how to think critically, embrace real-world challenges, and discover innovative solutions.  

Research:  Experimentation, project design, modeling and data analysis, as well as collaboration, will allow our girls to hone their leadership, investigative, and project management skills as they grow to become savvy community changemakers and respected global influencers.

Entrepreneurship:  Students’ entrepreneurial know-how and passion will be ignited as they build self-confidence and explore novel solutions in finance, business, technology, and public policy.

Social Action:  Students will be empowered change agents who understand the complex, interconnected ecological, social, and economic dimensions that serve the common good.

Taking our girls into their FUTURES depends on ‘U’. Thank you for your support building the Pamela Juan Hayes ’64  Endowment Fund. 

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