Senior Class Gift



I give to Sacred Heart, and will continue to do so, because the School is a place for women to grow to be independent, while still being cared for and nourished.  Sacred Heart, to me, means a place where learning is all encompassing, and girls gain the tools to change the world.

Lizzy Considine ’16, Georgetown University ’20

Hearts that hold nothing back 

Sacred Heart Greenwich is blessed with time honored traditions and hearts that hold nothing back. Senior class families have a strong tradition of philanthropic leadership at Sacred Heart Greenwich, setting an inspiring standard for our whole community.  

The Class of 2024 is poised to leave their unique mark in scholarship, spiritual growth, the arts, athletics, and our School culture. We are excited for the 2024 energy and spirit to pervade the classrooms, the Core Center, the theatre, and game days. Buoyed by their aspirations and achievements, the Class of 2024 will complete their final year at Sacred Heart and then walk down the steps from Salisbury Hall on Graduation Day, ready to go forth and transform the world. 

The Senior Class Gift 2024 is a powerful way for families to leave their own legacy. Families of seniors have the unique opportunity to celebrate their daughters' journeys at Sacred Heart Greenwich while advancing the School’s mission for both the girls of today and the girls of tomorrow. Parents of seniors can lead the way by allocating a portion of their Senior Class Gift to the 2023-2024 Fund for Sacred Heart for today’s girls, and a portion to Endowment for tomorrow’s girls.

Fund for Sacred Heart - Supporting Sacred Heart girls today

Your contribution provides vital, flexible resources which benefit students and Faculty, during the current school year, enhancing academic innovation plus arts and athletic programs, and enabling faculty development, tuition assistance, and special events. Class of 2024 parents can blaze a trail for our community to follow, supporting new, transformative opportunities across the school

Endowment – Providing for Sacred Heart girls of tomorrow

Endowment gifts are invested and carefully managed to grow. Expanding our endowment contributes to our School’s ongoing financial strength and stability, provides flexibility, and adds to financial aid available to girls who might not otherwise be able to join our community. The School currently uses an annual endowment draw to supplement programmatic enhancements, capital projects, professional development, and tuition assistance. 

Senior Class Gift FAQ