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Reflections of Society Members

Ms. Alice Burlinson '73, Aloysia Hardey Society member

"My education helped to form who I am today and prepared me well for college, law school, and a life of public service. My faith, my education, and my sense of self were all strengthened during the formative years of high school. I still cherish friendships from those days and look forward to reconnecting with classmates at reunions. Giving back was always a part of my life plan. To remember Sacred Heart in my will seems like a natural thing to do."

- Ms. Alice Burlinson '73, Aloysia Hardey Society member

Victoria B. Guennewig

"My education at Greenwich, frankly, was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. Not only did I experience lasting friendships, but, during those formative years, the Religious of the Sacred Heart, provided me with an immersive environment of safety, love, trust, honesty, respect, kindness and love of learning. I will forever remember and cherish the platform that was created at Greenwich.

I can honestly say that I live my life according to the goals and criteria I learned at Greenwich and those principles are a critical part of my life today - and the lives of my children.

My daughter went to Greenwich and graduated from Duchesne Academy in Houston. I served several terms on the Duchesne Board of Directors and actively participated in teams which fostered the goals and criteria at several Sacred Heart Schools. 

Perhaps the best example of the depth of my immersion into the CSH family is an accolade my son gave to me. When asked who his mentor was, my son said, "my mother." My son is the co-founder and managing director of a multi-million dollar company serving the sports industry. When he told me about his interview and his admiration for me, my first thought was about the power of influence of my education and my love for St. Madeleine Sophie and St. Philippine Duchesne. It truly is amazing how impactful and far-reaching these two brave and amazing women truly are."

- Victoria B. Guennewig '68, Aloysia Hardey Society member

John O'Connell

"It's my hope that the sense of duty to those less fortunate will always be a primary force for the girls. A Catholic education is designed to be different/counter-cultural, thankfully. Never be afraid to do the right thing. Stand out for the goodness taught at Sacred Heart."

- Mr. John J. O'Connell, Jr., Aloysia Hardey Society member

Mrs. Lennie de Csepel

"My association with the Religious of the Sacred Heart began for me as an 8th grader at 91st Street. After graduation, I went on to Newton College of the Sacred Heart and later Manhattanville for an MAT. The following September, 1982, I was hired at Sacred Heart Greenwich as Lower School music teacher. For me, and I know for many others, an almost lifelong association with Sacred Heart has had an enormous and deeply felt impact.

It has been especially rewarding to see Sacred Heart Greenwich grow so dramatically in size and excellence in the past decades. By including a bequest to the school in our wills, my husband, John, and I hope to contribute to the education of future generations of students in the Sacred Heart tradition. This tradition, in my mind, is unmatched in educating for a life of contribution to others, along with personal development in those values for which we have been taught to strive."

- Mrs. Lennie de Csepel, Aloysia Hardey Society member

Leave your legacy through planned giving  

Did you know there are multiple ways to leave your legacy so you, your loved ones, and Sacred Heart Greenwich all benefit?  

Such giving techniques are called “planned gifts,” because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and Sacred Heart Greenwich.

  • Bequest

  • Retirement Plan rollover (for those 70 ½ and older) or beneficiary 

  • Life Insurance beneficiary 

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Charitable Lead Trust

  • Assets: Donor Advised Fund, Stocks and Appreciated Securities, Real Estate, etc.

We are grateful for the many alumnae, parents, grandparents, educators, and friends of Sacred Heart Greenwich who have generously chosen to expand their support of the School through planned gifts to ensure that the Sacred Heart Greenwich you know and love remains vibrant for future generations, while also gaining benefits in their estate planning.  

The Aloysia Hardey Society recognizes and celebrates forward-thinking philanthropic leaders who have contributed through a planned gift or have made a charitable provision for Sacred Heart Greenwich in their estate plans.

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