Thank you for supporting transformative opportunities!

Sacred Heart Greenwich parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents, educators, past trustees, and friends powerfully united to surpass the GivingTuesday goal.

Our community's generosity this year has filled 11 hearts for the Fund for Sacred Heart, contributing $1.1 million towards our $2.25 million annual goal. 

Your contributions to the Fund for Sacred Heart support students exploring science, technology, and sustainability, thriving as competitive athletes and expressive artists, plus more!    

You exceeded the  $100,000 goal! 

We are grateful for your enthusiastic commitment to expand opportunities for each student. 

Parents and alumnae launch GivingTuesday by sharing their experiences at Sacred Heart Greenwich.

Ashley '30, Phoebe '32, and Bella '24 reflect on Goal I, a personal and active faith in God, and Goal III, building community through service. 

Nova '24, Julia '24, Cece '28, and Abi '32 feel their experiences at Sacred Heart Greenwich help them be strong leaders. 

Sasha '28, Avery '24, Ella '24, Cat '31, and Bridget '33 explore science, storytelling, technology & social studies!

Go HEART! Payton '24, Eva '25, and Ava '30 love being a Tiger for field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and track. 

Lily '37, Ila '24, Angelina '28, and Jacqueline '34 express their creativity and passion through the Arts. 

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