Tiger Alumnae

Prospective Athletes

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    CLASS OF 2023 (SACRED HEART 2019)

    Catherine Hamilton

    Villanova University - Swimming

    Athena Corroon

    US Naval Academy - Lacrosse

    Ryan Smith

    Boston College - Lacrosse

    Olivia Batal

    Hamilton College - Field Hockey

    Eliana Manriquez

    Princeton University - Field Hockey

    Hilary Hoover

    Cornell University - Lacrosse

    Juliana Collins

    Bucknell University - Rowing

    Katelin Ulmer

    Tufts University - Swimming

    georgetown sacred heart greenwich sailing alumnae

    Grace Flanagan

    Georgetown University - Sailing

    CLASS OF 2022 (SACRED HEART 2018)

    Caleigh Pope

    Middlebury College - Swimming

    Clara Geffs

    Columbia University - Rowing

    Kalyna Carroll

    St. Lawrence University - Swimming

    Maria Barbosa

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Rowing

    Morgan Hennessy

    Bucknell University - Golf

    Stephanie Jordan

    College of the Holy Cross - Rowing

    Victoria Huchro

    Cornell University - Squash

    CLASS OF 2021 (SACRED HEART 2017)

    Alexandra Grusky

    Williams College - Swimming

    Emily Cleary

    Union College - Soccer

    Grace Paletta

    Cornell University - Lacrosse

    Katherine Farrell

    Ohio State University - Synchronized Swimming

    Lily O'Sullivan

    George Washington University - Crew

    Mackenzie Jordan

    College of the Holy Cross - Cross Country and Track & Field

    Maeve Hogan

    Columbia University - Crew

    CLASS OF 2020 (SACRED HEART 2016)

    Madison Miles

    Cornell University - Squash

    Tracey Hagan

    Davidson College - Soccer

    CLASS OF 2019 (SACRED HEART 2015)

    Emily O'Sullivan

    Haverford - Basketball

    Emma Novick

    Lafayette - Lacrosse

    Isabella Libassi

    Tufts University - Squash

    Jackie Urbinati

    Boston College - Women's Tennis

    Kate Burkett

    Colby College - Field Hockey and Lacrosse

    Kristen Parkinson

    University of Virginia - Dive

    Natalie Puente

    University of California, Los Angeles - Rowing

    Stephanie Browne

    University of Wisconsin, Madison - Women's Crew

    Vanessa Raskin

    Union College - Women's Crew

    CLASS OF 2018 (SACRED HEART 2014)

    Mo Leitner

    University of Pennsylvania - Lacrosse

    Shannon Longworth

    Boston College - Crew

    CLASS OF 2017 (SACRED HEART 2013)

    Margaret Dunne

    Georgetown University - Crew

    Jenna Hascher

    Northwestern University - Soccer

    Sarah Hirshorn

    Stanford University - Lightweight Rowing

    Emily Molinelli

    New York University - Swimming, Fly/Breast

    Maddie Pillari

    Colorado College - Lacrosse

    Taylor Ryan

    Hamilton College - Lacrosse

    Alli Sciarretta

    Middlebury College - Lacrosse

    Michele Urbinati

    Bucknell University - Tennis

    CLASS OF 2016 (SACRED HEART 2012)

    Lindsey Alpeter

    Wake Forest University - Crew
    Spring 2013, Captain of Novice Boat

    Rebecca Quirke

    Connecticut College - Sailing, Captain

    Christine Bloom

    Kenyon College - Field Hockey

    Nicole Fischer

    Babson College - Tennis

    India Knight

    Columbia University - Crew

    Francesca Libassi

    George Washington University - Squash

    Krystyna Miles

    Dartmouth College - Squash

    Erin Myers

    Vanderbilt University - Soccer

    Lindsay O'Callaghan

    College of the Holy Cross - Lacrosse

    Mollie Pillari

    Brown University - Crew

    Alex Root

    Boston College - Crew

    Margaretta Ryan

    Cornell University - Crew, Varsity eight

    Molly Scudder

    Colorado  College - Lacrosse

    Kate Welch

    George Washington University - Fall 2012 Crew

    CLASS OF 2015 (SACRED HEART 2011)

    Jillian Carter

    Georgetown University - Swimming

    Courtney Fischer

    Babson College - Tennis

    Alexandra Huchro

    Stanford University - Squash

    Aubrey Kalashian

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Swimming

    Gloria Lee

    Bucknell University - Crew

    Christine McGuire

    Boston College - Swimming

    Emily Molinelli

    Brown University - Diving

    Michelle Peng

    Middlebury College - Golf

    Julie Rohde

    Duke University - Crew

    CLASS OF 2014 (SACRED HEART 2010)

    Tory Bensen

    University of Pennsylvania - Lacrosse

    Cassie Burke

    Boston College - Squash

    Gillian Burkett

    Trinity College - Rowing

    Tara Cochran

    Boston College - Cox for the Freshman Men's Crew Team

    Grace Hedges

    Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Swimming

    Megan Jarchow

    Middlebury College - Volleyball

    Maggie McLaughlin

    Gettysburg College - Tennis

    Dee Miller

    Middlebury College - Field Hockey & Lacrosse

    Tory Porter

    Tufts University - Sailing

    Paige Terry

    University of Virginia - Rowing

    CLASS OF 2013 (SACRED HEART 2009)

    Kate Foley

     Union College - Crew

    Morgan Forester

    Boston College - Crew

    Kyla Harrington

    Brown University - Squash

    Antonia Libassi

    Brown University - Squash

    Elise Mazurak

    University of Vermont - Lacrosse

    Amanda Weber

    Williams College - Lacrosse

    CLASS OF 2012 (SACRED HEART 2008)

    Colleen Considine

    Boston College - Crew

    Kelly Donlin

    Georgetown University  - Swimming

    Emily Leitner

    University of Pennsylvania - Lacrosse

    CLASS OF 2011 (SACRED HEART 2007)

    Laura Douglas

    Babson College -Softball

    Megan Grehan

    Vanderbilt University - Golf

    Kelly Morrison

    Columbia University - Sailing

    Jackie Nesi

    Harvard University - Lacrosse

    Samantha Sulliman

    Babson College - Field Hockey and Lacrosse

    CLASS OF 2010 (SACRED HEART 2006)

    Courtney Burke

    University of St. Andrews (Scotland) - Squash

    Hilary Hebrank

    Fordham University - Swimming

    Caroline Henry

    Williams College - Squash

    Jennifer Holland

    Providence College - Field Hockey

    Mary McGuire

    Georgetown University - Swimming

    Katie Mullen

    Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Squash

    Catherine Nix

    Colby College - Field Hockey

    Elizabeth Purcell

    Harvard University - Lacrosse

    Hannah Walker

    Amherst College - Field Hockey

    Kelly Whipple

    Hamilton College - Squash

    CLASS OF 2009 (SACRED HEART 2005)

    Jackie Costas

    St. Lawrence University - Crew

    Elizabeth Ferrara

    Loyola College (Maryland) - Crew

    Ari Horaitis

    Gettysburg College - Lacrosse

    Meghan McGuinn

    Middlebury College - Lacrosse

    Pilar Paris

    George Washington University - Squash

    Madeleine Sullivan

    Hamilton College - Squash

    CLASS OF 2008 (SACRED HEART 2004)

    Sarah Coleman

    Hamilton College - Squash

    Lauren Gulley

    University of Notre Dame -Lacrosse

    Ali Hines

    Harvard University -Lacrosse

    Julie Marwell

    Cornell University - Soccer

    Colleen Purcell

    Yale University - Lacrosse

    Jamie Straub

    Kenyon College - Swimming

    Emily van Buitenen

    University of Connecticut - Lacrosse

    Emily Voge

    University of Notre Dame - Field Hockey

    CLASS OF 2007 (SACRED HEART 2003)

    Brennan Joyce

    Boston College - Lacrosse

    Jennifer Pittman

    Dartmouth College - Lacrosse

    Kelly Porter

    Bucknell University - Tennis

    CLASS OF 2006 (SACRED HEART 2002)

    Katherine Daley

    University of Notre Dame - Field Hockey

    Allison Kavanagh

    Davidson College - Soccer

    Margot Kearney

    Trinity College - Field Hockey/Squash

    Jennifer Raymond

    Harvard University - Lacrosse

    CLASS OF 2005 (SACRED HEART 2001)

    Eileen Hartigan

    College of Holy Cross - Lacrosse

    CLASS OF 2003 (SACRED HEART 1999)

    Courtney Kemper

    College of the Holy Cross - Lacrosse

    Julia Shullman

    Georgetown University - Soccer

    CLASS OF 2002 (SACRED HEART 1998)

    Kelly Darrow

    Colgate University - Field Hockey

    CLASS OF 2000 (SACRED HEART 1996)

    Erin Joyce

    Georgetown University - Field Hockey

    Suzanne Dunleavy

    Boston College - Lacrosse

    CLASS OF 1996 (SACRED HEART 1992)

    Mary Liz Brennickmeyer

    Williams College - Squash

    CLASS OF 1995 (SACRED HEART 1991)

    Heather Flanagan

    Duke University - Lacrosse

    Meg Gaillard

    Connecticut College - Sailing/Soccer

    Marguerite Mitchell

    Bowdoin College - Field Hockey