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    Athletic training room hours
    The athletic training room opens daily at 12pm for treatment and evaluation. Due to occasional schedule changes (based on the season, team departure times and games), hours will vary and appointments at other times may be scheduled with the athletic trainer. 

    The athletic trainer is on site for all home athletic events, including practices and games. If not in the athletic training room, the athletic trainer can be found in the Athletics Office (in the gymnasium) or outside on the playing fields.

    Services Provided

    • Injury/illness prevention and wellness protection
    • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
    • Immediate and emergency care (includes four portable AEDs)
    • Treatment
    • Rehabilitation
    • Organizational and professional health and wellbeing


    Daily treatment and taping takes place in the athletic training room, while fitness training for our teams takes place next door in the fitness room. A variety of fitness, treatment and rehabilitation equipment is available to our athletes and is supervised and implemented by the athletic trainer and/or coaches.

    Athletic Training Room
    ·       Treatment table
    ·       Taping table
    ·       Ultrasound/Electrical stimulation unit
    ·       Heat and cold modalities

    Fitness Room
    ·       6 Treadmills
    ·       3 Elliptical
    ·       2 Arc Trainers
    ·       3 Stationary bikes
    ·       1 StairMaster
    ·       1 Assault Bike
    ·       1 Concept 2 Rower
    ·       1 Smith Machine
    ·       Synergy 360
    ·       Lateral Trainer
    ·       Free weights / Kettlebells
    ·       Foam rollers
    ·       Therabands/Resistance tubing
    ·       BOSU & BOSU Signature Leg Raise
    ·       Physioballs
    ·       Medicine balls
    ·       1 Adductor Machine

    Team Doctors

    Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists (ONS) has become an invaluable resource for Sacred Heart Athletics in the last few years. While supporting Sacred Heart’s athletic trainer with orthopaedic and neurological consults, speaking to our athletes and parents about important health topics, and helping to implement ImPACT testing in 2010, the doctors at ONS always manage to accommodate our athletes in a timely manner. Our team doctors at ONS include Dr. Gloria Cohen and Dr. Katie Vadasdi, with neurological support from Dr. Mark Camel. 

    The Sacred Heart Greenwich-ONS alliance provides professional medical support to the Sacred Heart Athletic Department. Sacred Heart families are under no obligation to be seen by an ONS physician. However, if the family chooses to see the doctors at ONS, the Sacred Heart athletic trainer and ONS physicians will stay connected throughout the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation process of that student-athlete. 

    Team Doctors

    Gloria C. Cohen, MD 
    Specialty: Non-operative Sports Medicine 
    Overuse injuries, women’s sports, stress fractures, injury prevention, and biomechanics.


    Katherine B. Vadasdi, MD 
    Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
    Shoulder and Elbow, and Adolescent and Adult Sports Medicine.


    Contact ONS
    Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists
    6 Greenwich Office Park
    10 Valley Drive in 
    Greenwich, CT

    For more information about ONS and our team doctors, or to make an appointment, visit or call (203) 869-1145.

    Click here for more information on the ONS- Sacred Heart Greenwich Insurance Program

    Student-Athlete Return-to-Play Policy

    Should a student-athlete participating in Sacred Heart Athletics be seen by a physician for an injury or ailment that may affect her ability to participate in games or practice, a note from the physician stating the student-athlete is Cleared-to-Play must be presented to the SH athletic trainer before the athlete can return to play in practice or competition. This policy applies to athletes referred by the SH athletic trainer or self-referred. 

    A release note from the original doctor who treated the initial injury and suspended participation is required before the athlete can return to play in the current or future seasons. 

    For the protection of the athlete and the School, verbal clearance or a written waiver from the parent/guardian is not acceptable.