Three Filmmaking Alumnae Land Feature Film Credit on "Chopin"

Three Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae from the Filmmaking and Media Studies program will soon have their names on the big screen. Aggie Ryan '16, Lorraine Rinaldi '19, and Paige Pucel '20 interned at Valiant Pictures during college and will be credited on the feature film, CHOPIN, which is being released in 2024. 

Director of Media Studies, Design & Innovation Ms. Ellyn Stewart recommended Aggie, Lorraine, and Paige for the internship at Valiant Pictures. This is just one of many connections made through the Alumnae Media Network, a group which partners students and alumnae with media industry contacts and connections.

"Even though Aggie, Lorraine, and Paige were interns before filming began, their initial casting research, script coverage, and help with pre-production were integral to the success of the project,” said Matthew D’Amato, Owner & Executive Producer of Valiant Pictures. 

Aggie said that her time at Valiant not only got her started in the media field, but led directly to her current position. 

"My experience interning at Valiant Pictures was my first intro to the agency world, which is where I've landed now. I spent lots of time reading lots of scripts and combing through decks. I remember reading CHOPIN, and really enjoying it. I'm so excited for Valiant Pictures and to see the film come to life. Valiant Pictures is actually the reason I'm at the current agency I'm with now. I reached out to them when I was first looking for jobs in Austin, and they recommended Preacher," Aggie said.

Lorraine's career path was also shaped by her internship at Valiant Pictures.

"CHOPIN was a script that particularly stood out as Vincent Lin's voice truly shined through. I cannot wait to see his vision come to life! My experience at Valiant also gave me a better understanding of the film industry and helped me further my career. Matt D'Amato introduced me to other talented people in the industry, and helped me land another formative internship at the agency Alexander Creatives," said Lorraine.

Paige shared that her work on CHOPIN helped her to develop new skills.

 "I began assisting with the pre-production of this film during my freshman year of college. Now, as a graduating senior, it is heartwarming to hear that CHOPIN will also be released in the same year. In my time working with Valiant Pictures I enjoyed reading over scripts and conducting research for independent projects. With CHOPIN, I helped compile potential casting prospects which was an exciting new skill for me to learn."


CHOPIN tells the story of a first-generation Taiwanese American who returns home to small town America to mend an estranged relationship with his father and take care of his ailing grandmother. The shoot wrapped in 25 days back in June 2023. The film is the feature directorial debut of Vincent Lin, a successful director of commercials and co-founder of Valiant Pictures.

Mr. Lin said “As a first-generation Taiwanese American, like many first-generation immigrants, we grew up between two worlds. This generational, language, and cultural gap created a dissonance that often translated into misunderstandings, prejudice, and dissension within our own families as well as the community and relationships around us. Drawing upon my personal upbringing of immigrant family assimilation, the story of CHOPIN explores bridging that gap and what it means to be Asian American... And is that any different than being simply American?”