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Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors Olivia Christensen, Lé-Anne Johnson, Eloise Moulton, Isabelle PipherSofia Pye, and Lilly Thompson will study film, journalism, and media at their respective universities next year.  These five seniors will utilize the skills they have learned in Sacred Heart’s media programs to pursue their passions in the news and communications industry.

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The Sacred Heart Greenwich Alumnae Media Network presented the “Mix and Mingle: Navigating the Media Industry” event on November 18. Panelists included five Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae, Ms. Kate Benjamin '11, Ms. Caroline Keller '13, Ms. Erica Jorgensen '04, Ms. Erin Manning '13, and the emcee of the event, Ms. Caroline Burch '15. 


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Grace Sutherland '16 graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from USC. She said, “The Broadcast Journalism department was the greatest outlet for me. Yes, it was a class, but I always looked at it as the peak of my day. Because of the Broadcast department, I was able to find my loves of news, politics, and film. I learned the unpredictable nature of the news is what I love. I love that every day is different. I learned the basic ideals of patience, spontaneity and quick thinking.” 

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