Welcome to Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Greenwich seeks highly motivated applicants who are academically prepared and whose talents and intellectual curiosity will enable them to take advantage of the challenging curriculum and rich resources the School offers. The Admission Committee looks for students whose respect for differences and compassion for others will lead them to make positive contributions to the School community. 

The admission process is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for a family to understand our mission embodied in the Goals and Criteria.

Want to learn more about what a faith-based education looks like at Sacred Heart Greenwich? Hear from Linda Vasu, Assistant Head for PreK-12 Academic Programs and Curriculum, about how faith and leadership go hand in hand.

Through the School’s commitment to understand each applicant’s educational background and interests, each can be satisfied that the right match has been made for a student’s successful education. Prospective families are encouraged to attend a Tour Day, held once a month from October through January, or an Open House.

Explore Sacred Heart Greenwich through the videos below and by heading to our Academics and Signature Programs sections.