The Admission Committee makes decisions based on the strengths and talents of each applicant. We attempt to collect information that is age appropriate and will serve as an indication of the student's potential for success at Sacred Heart Greenwich. All applications, supporting materials and visits must be completed by February 1. Decision letters are mailed on the Friday closest to March 1. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or contact our Admission Office at 203-532-3534. 

Families interested in our coed early childhood program for 3- to 5-year-olds should visit the Barat Center for Early Childhood Education page to learn more about the program and the application process for our youngest students.

Online Application

To begin, please complete the online application. This is the first document required to begin the application process. It can be submitted before the other required documentation. Once the online application has been received, you will be contacted regarding a visiting day and interview for you and your child.

Application Forms

The following application forms are available for download here.

Teacher Recommendations

Kindergarten through Grade 4: Please provide a recommendation from a classroom teacher.

Grades 5-12: Please provide one recommendation from a mathematics teacher and one recommendation from an English teacher.

Some schools do not permit teachers to complete recommendations. If your daughter attends such a school, you may ask a coach, Girl Scout Leader, CCD teacher, tutor or other adult who knows your daughter well to complete the Extracurricular Recommendation Form. You may also submit copies of graded math and written work (e.g., from an English or Social Studies class) which can be helpful to the Admission Committee in assessing your daughter's current level of work when teacher recommendations are not submitted.

Principal/Guidance Counselor Recommendation

Please provide a recommendation form from the appropriate administrator.

Parent Statement on the Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools

An education at Sacred Heart is a commitment by each student and his/her parents. We ask that parents complete a Parent Statement reflecting on the Goals & Criteria.

School Transcript

Please request that your daughter's transcript (with all standardized test scores and grades for the previous two years) be sent to our Admission Office. Your daughter’s present school may require written permission from you before releasing her records; if so, please use the Request for Transcript form. 

Admission Test Scores

Kindergarten-Grade 2: Testing will be completed during the class visiting day.

Grades 3-4: Candidates for these grades are asked to take specific sections of the Educational Records Bureau test that measures aptitude and achievement in mathematics and reading. The test will be administered at Sacred Heart Greenwich and at Greenwich area independent schools on Saturday mornings throughout the School year. Registration forms and testing dates are available from the Admission Office.

Grades 5-12: Candidates for these grades are asked to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (I.S.E.E.) that is administered at Sacred Heart Greenwich and at area independent schools on Saturday mornings throughout the School year. Online registration is available at

Class Visit

After the online application has been submitted, class visits may be scheduled for applicants to Grades 1-12 during the months of October, November, December and January by calling the Admission Office at 203-532-3534. Kindergarten applicants will be scheduled for a Group Visit in January 2020.

Student Interview

Applicants for grades 5 - 12 will meet for a brief conversation with a member of the Admission Committee on the day of her class visit.

Parent Interview

Parent(s) should schedule a meeting with a member of the Admission staff separately or in conjunction with the student’s class visiting day.