The Admission Committee makes decisions based on the strengths and talents of each applicant. We attempt to collect information that is age appropriate and will serve as an indication of the student's potential for success at Sacred Heart Greenwich.

All applications, supporting materials and visits must be completed by February 1. Decision letters are mailed on the Friday closest to March 1.

Online Application Instructions

  1. Click on the Apply button.
  2. Select the "Create Account" link to create a Sacred Heart application portal username and password.
  3. After entering your basic information, select the "Create Account" button. The online application can be submitted before the other required admission forms.
  4. Once the online application has been received, you will be contacted regarding a visiting day and interview for you and your child.
  5. You may log into your portal account at any time to view the application checklist and send the required forms to your child's school.

Application Requirements

In an effort to make applying to independent schools easier and more accessible to all families, Sacred Heart Greenwich accepts the Standard Application Online (SAO), in addition to our own online application. To learn more about using the SAO, click here.