Lower School students learn the various elements and principles of art, as these are the building blocks for creating a visual vocabulary. These concepts are explored through various media such as: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and collage. 

Concepts related to perspective and observational drawing are introduced. Throughout the year, many of the student projects involve learning about the artwork of a living artist, or the legacy of a remembered one. Often, artists-in-residence visit to teach a lesson relating to an exhibit of their personal art work in our School gallery.

middle school

Middle School students study the elements and principles of art in greater depth while working in a variety of media, including drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics and digital media.

Fifth grade explores the properties of materials and learns to communicate their personal ideas and to tell visual stories from the imagination and from observation.

Sixth-graders begin to take a more reflective view of the world. The curriculum challenges them to consider how people live around the world, what they value and how images influence ideas and emotions.

Seventh and 8th graders expand their range of artistic competencies. They are challenged to master more formal artistic conventions as a tool to express personal imagery and to develop strategies to clearly communicate their ideas and create meaning.

All grades learn about art history and contemporary art, and make connections between art and social, cultural and historical contexts through art appreciation.

upper school

Upper School students in the Visual Arts explore their unique gifts and talents through a range of mediums while learning art making techniques, valuable work habits, and life skills.

In Foundations of Art students learn a variety of skills while exploring the elements of art and principles of design focusing on process, problem solving skills, and collaboration. Students may elect to continue in Drawing and Painting in which they study a variety of materials focusing on accuracy and realism in drawing with a natural progression to color and painting or they may study Design in which they explore ways to solve problems for others and prepare for a career in architecture, industrial design and graphic design.

In their junior year students who have a serious interest in art elect to take Advanced Portfolio in which students build on learned skills while creating works based on individual style and personal expression. The focus is on developing meaning in their work while maintaining accuracy and to create a portfolio of work for college acceptance.

In senior year students have the opportunity to take AP Studio Art, a college level course, in which students create a personally meaningful portfolio of art while learning 21st Century skills of collaboration, time management, and organization.

Photography is a comprehensive course with a foundation in traditional film based studies including darkroom work and analog camera use, along with an in-depth exploration of current digital technologies and mixed media approaches to image making.

Advanced students focus on personal themes, making books and building portfolios to showcase their work. All students are encouraged to enter national and regional competitions, often winning top awards and scholarships. Their work is published regularly in magazines, newspapers and on websites. It is continually exhibited in our galleries as well as being showcased regionally throughout the year.

Sacred Heart Greenwich Drawing and Painting Art Classes