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Sacred Heart’s Upper School Theatre Program presents the classic, Tony Award-winning musical, Annie, streamed right to your home! Featuring numbers like “Tomorrow” and “Hard-Knock Life,” this fun-filled show, performed by our talented, ingenuitive actors, will have you singing and dancing along at home! Follow Annie, a determined orphan, as she seeks to navigate tricks and challenges to find a family of her own. This production seeks to emphasize the theme of optimism in the face of adversity, making it an ideal, uplifting watch for this spring! Please join us online for a performance that will be exciting for the whole family!

Cast and Crew

Director's Note:

Like so many people, I first discovered the musical Annie in my childhood. I remember being mesmerized. The larger-than-life characters! The catchy songs! The rhythmic bucket choreography! The dog! I think many of us (whether we will own up to it or not) have the shared experience of screlting our tiny little faces off to “Tomorrow” along with Andrea McArdle or Quvenzhané Wallis.

Many of us who have “grown up” a bit since our Annie days have another memory too, perhaps a slightly more melancholic one in retrospect: a time when we decided it was no longer cool to do this. It was the point at which we began theatrically rolling our eyes upon hearing “The sun’ll come out…” Maybe we thought it was saccharine, this bubble gum-y tune from the spunky orphan who never has doubts. We were beyond it.

Working on Annie this year as an Upper School theatre program has given us a chance to take a new look at an old friend. As I was watching the earnest, engaged, diligent students in this production during rehearsals, I kept thinking about something I had overlooked before. The thing is, it’s not that Annie never has doubts. She’s not some kind of peppy, smiley automaton. She worries about what will happen to her, about what will happen to Molly and Pepper and Sandy and the people she meets in a New York Hooverville just prior to a police raid, about what will happen to Warbucks. At eleven, she has seen more than her fair share of cruelty, injustice, and grief. It is that she takes the significant obstacles life has thrown at her and turns them into a hope that lights the way for a whole country. Her optimism is hard-fought and hard-won; she intends it as an act of defiance. If forging ahead as an educational performing arts program through a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes it is brave and revolutionary to choose optimism. That is quintessentially Annie, and right now that doesn’t feel trite or syrupy. It feels important. 

The students in our cast and crew have done this every single day, whether it was easy or not. They gathered in freezing cold courtyards or Zoom rooms instead of their beloved theatre, and what was staggering was that they consistently did this with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. They laughed and connected and worked ten times as hard to learn how to lip synch to their own voices instead of just singing. They persevered, innovated, created, and grew as artists. They used their prodigious talents and remarkable values to make our community a stronger, more welcoming place. It has been my great honor to work with this incomparable production team and our brilliant cast to find moments of joy amid challenges. We hope that you can share in this joy as you watch Annie at home with your family. We made this because we believe that sharing stories is important, even when you have to find new ways to do it. We believe that there is value in connection and empathy. We believe, whenever possible, in choosing hope. On behalf of our entire cast, crew, and production team, I would like to thank you for your support of our theatre program. Enjoy the show!

Michaela Gorman ‘05

Cast of Characters:

Annie - Char Burchetta
Warbucks - Piper Gilbert
Grace Farrell - Zöe Young
Miss Hannigan - Isabel Lehrman
Rooster Hannigan - Michala Rogers
Lily St. Regis - Mimi Lee
Pepper - Katie O’Shea
Molly - Molly Kriskey
Duffy - Diana McIntire
Tessie - Emilia Bernal
July - Ila David
Kate - Heidi McGannon
Roosevelt - Isabella Stewart
Bert Healy - Sarah Mickley
Drake - Caitlin McCormack
Bundles - Maddy Abramson
Mrs. Greer - Angélique Wheeler
Mrs. Pugh - Katie O’Shea
Sophie - Kristin Morrow
Cecille - Isabella Stewart
Annette - Sarah Mickley
Ickes - Emilia Bernal
Perkins - Ila David
Morganthau - Kristin Morrow
Hull - Bianca Shively
Howe - Josie Orr
Kaltenborn - Genny Grey
Star-to-Be - Bianca Shively
Ronnie Boylan - Angélique Wheeler
Bonnie Boylan - Mimi Greco
Connie Boylan - Emilia Bernal
Lt. Ward - Mimi Greco
Announcer - Genny Grey
Fred McCracken/Wacky - Maddy Abramson
Judge Brandeis - Kristin Morrow
Apple Seller - Genny Grey
Eddie - Katie O’Shea
Man with Papers - Molly Kriskey
Usherette - Mimi Greco
Dog Catcher - Heidi McGannon
Assistant Dog Catcher - Josie Orr
Voices from the Radio - Molly Kriskey, Diana McIntire
Sandy- Jerry Burchetta

Dog- Shelby O'Shea

Production Team:

Director - Michaela Gorman
Musical Director - Sean Lowery
Technical Director, Costume Designer - Danielle Gennaro
Choreographer - Christine Gifis
Assistant Director - Gabby Giacomo
Stage Manager - Grace Hong

Originally Produced at The Goodspeed Opera House, Michael P. Price, Executive Director

Presented on Broadway by Mike Nichols

Produced by Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc., The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Icarus Productions

ANNIE is presented through special arrangement with Music Theater International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.