Dear Sacred Heart Greenwich families,

If there were ever a year that we "need a little Christmas, right this very minute", it would be this one!

We rejoice and join our performers in spirit in our first-ever virtual pageant and concert, showcasing the wonderful work of our entire school celebrating the love and promise of Christmas. This will melt your heart!

In these videos, we see and feel once again that love came down to us at Christmas. This love continues to call us to a common love that unites our hearts and voices.

Thank you to the faculty and staff involved in pulling off this wonderful virtual concert, including Eva Carrasquero, Annette Etheridge, Danielle Gennaro, and Sean Lowery.

Join in and raise your voice in song! We wish all of you good health and a very Merry Christmas from King Street.

Margaret Frazier
Head of School

For the best viewing experience, press the play button and then expand to full screen viewing in the bottom right corner of the YouTube player.

Barat-1st Grade Pageant

Fourth Grade

5th & 6th Grade Bells

11th Grade Bells


2nd Grade


7th & 8th Grade Bells

12th Grade Bells


Third Grade

A Ca Bellas

9th & 10th Grade Bells