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Welcome to College Counseling at Sacred Heart Greenwich

One of the biggest decisions our students will make is deciding on a college. Our team is dedicated to supporting students on this journey to ensure they explore and apply to schools that will best support their abilities, nurture their interests and empower them to transform the world.  

The Sacred Heart Greenwich college guidance program is designed to provide individualized attention to each of our students, and their families beginning freshman year to ensure she is well informed on the process and expectations of the college process. We operate on the firm belief that the college process should be seamless and focus on discovering schools that will be a good fit for the unique needs of each student. From freshman through senior year, each student will be guided from the exploration and planning phases through the application process and the ultimate selection of her college destination.

Our department works collaboratively with our Admissions, Athletics, Performing Arts and Academic teams to serve the differing needs of our students and families and are valued partners in the process. 

All students and families have access to the Sacred Heart Greenwich proprietary College Guidance News page in Blackbaud which curates resources and opportunities relative to the college process.

College Process Roadmap

Parent Resources

Please log into the Parent Portal to access the College Guidance resource pages. These pages provide extensive information and updates on academic and financial opportunities as well as college visits.

Meet the College Counselors

Mrs. Alycia Crane

Mrs. Alycia Crane

Ms. Christine Gerrity

Ms. Christine Gerrity

Matriculation and Acceptances

Sacred Heart Greenwich student academic achievement goals criteria learning college matriculation acceptance