Welcome to the Barat Center for Early Childhood Education

Greet a friend. Observe a butterfly. Explore a beloved storybook. Learn a world language. Dance, jump, sing, discover.

An early childhood program for three-to-five year old boys and girls at Sacred Heart Greenwich, the Barat Center for Early Childhood education encourages children to explore the world around them. A nature walk through our beautiful campus may lead to counting and collecting leaves and sticks and rocks for a nature collage. A frog sighting may begin a learning journey into the world of amphibians. We embrace Project-Based Learning and believe children learn best and make meaning from real-life experiences. We are guided by the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria: faith, community, growth, intellect, and justice. At the Barat Center, the possibilities are endless, as our youngest learners find joy and wonder in each day’s new discoveries. A lifetime of intellectual curiosity begins as a Barat Center student. Shouldn’t your child be one of them?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Barat Center