Summer Outreach

Each summer, we welcome 260 students for Summer Outreach, a co-ed enrichment program for students in grades 2-8. Representing nearly 30 schools in Fairfield and Westchester counties, this program provides academic, athletic, arts and technology instruction to academically qualified students with limited financial resources. Sacred Heart Greenwich Upper School students volunteer alongside a staff of paid faculty. The annual Summer Outreach Golf & Tennis Outing, happening this year on Monday, September 23 at Burning Tree Country Club, funds the program.  

I think it’s very valuable that Summer Outreach has a strong academic component, because it helps students to strengthen what they have learned throughout the school year. Jade Cohen '17

Summer: co-ed grades 2 – 6
Full array of stimulating enrichment opportunities

Arts: girls grades 6 -8
Girls develop their potential as young writes, scholars and artists

Science: girls grades 6 - 8
Encourages girls to explore courses and lines of study in the sciences and mathematics

Athletic: boys grades 6 - 8
Boys’ academic curriculum is supplemented with skills and team building exercises

Extra-Curricular: All students participate in a well-balanced and diverse array of academic activities, swim lessons, field trips, library/media, computer skills, guest speakers and more!

Tuesday HeadStart Enrichment Program
The children from the Carver Center Day Care HeadStart Program, accompanied by the staff, spend Tuesday mornings at Sacred Heart Greenwich. Our purpose is to support the curriculum of the program and to provide additional enrichment activities for the children. The volunteers from Sacred Heart are present and past parents and retired faculty. Educational games, story reading, crafts and rhythmic exercise are elements of the program.

At least once or twice a month the children are taken on field trips. They visit museums, the town firehouse and library, farms and, their favorite, the Maritime Center in Norwalk. Guest speakers and specialists come to Sacred Heart to make presentations to the children.