Upper School Teacher Honored with University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award

Upper School Teacher Honored with University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award

What makes an outstanding educator? There are many different qualities these special individuals possess; wisdom, patience, creativity, compassion, organization, and more. Most people can remember at least one teacher who changed their lives and recognize how the impact of a gifted teacher lasts a lifetime. The University of Chicago offers its newly admitted freshman the opportunity to honor these transformative teachers, and Giovanna Gazal ’23 nominated  Souad Malih, our very own Upper School World Languages teacher, as someone who changed her life. “No teacher has ever had such a long-lasting effect on me,” writes Giovanna. 

Honorees of this prestigious award were recently announced, and Sacred Heart Greenwich extends a heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Malih for achieving such a distinction. 

Giovanna credits much of her personal growth and academic success to Mrs. Malih’s unwavering support and ability to challenge her students to exceed their own expectations. With guidance from Mrs. Malih, Giovanna believes she discovered her full potential as a student, both within and beyond the Arabic classroom. 

Marcie McDonald, Upper School Academic Dean, notes that “Souad is the ultimate educator, taking the time to ensure that each one of her students feels supported as she guides them to master proficiency in Arabic. Souad immerses her students in the rich components of language, while setting a high-bar for excellence within a rigorous program. In Souad, students find an instructor who spends countless hours finding ways to engage her students.” 

Mrs. Malih’s students note how they look forward to their Arabic classes because of the ways that Mrs. Malih challenges them to develop a global mindset. In doing so, Mrs. Malih not only imparts language skills, but cultivates a deeper understanding of the world’s interconnectedness, inspires the intellectual curiosity of her students, and instills a life-long love of learning. 

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