Sacred Heart Greenwich Becomes Part of the Solution

Sacred Heart Greenwich Becomes Part of the Solution

Founded in 1982, Part of the Solution (POTS) has been at the forefront of alleviating hunger and empowering vulnerable residents of the Bronx for over four decades. This year, Sacred Heart Greenwich is taking inspiration from POTS' remarkable mission by launching a new Upper School POTS student chapter, aiming to foster a reciprocal relationship with the organization and make a lasting impact on Northeast Bronx communities. This s the first and only student chapter of its kind. 

POTS initially opened its doors with just a soup kitchen, addressing the pressing issue of hunger in the Northeast Bronx. Over the years, it has significantly expanded its services, providing medical and dental care, personal care amenities such as showers and haircuts, assistance in eviction prevention, access to public benefits, and even facilitating mail delivery to clients. In 2022 alone, POTS served an astounding 3,203,000 meals and supported over 37,301 community members.

The Sacred Heart Greenwich POTS student chapter is spearheaded by Bridget McGrath '24, Caitlin Leahy '25, and Olivia Leahy '24. The goal of this chapter is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with POTS, with an emphasis on listening to and learning about the lives of POTS clients and being responsive to the needs of the community. This initiative emphasizes respectful exchanges that recognize the inherent value and dignity of all individuals.

Sacred Heart Greenwich’s chapter is committed to a long-term partnership with POTS, involving both direct and indirect service opportunities. Through their efforts, they aim to raise awareness about poverty within their own community and make a tangible difference in the lives of Northeast Bronx residents.

In addition to their service initiatives, student members are dedicated to educating the wider Upper School community about the challenges faced by underprivileged populations and the conditions of poverty. They also seek to understand the root causes of poverty, asking the fundamental question: why does poverty exist in the first place?

The commitment of Sacred Heart Greenwich's POTS chapter was recently highlighted when its members presented in the Chapel, discussing the value of service and the reciprocal nature of giving back to the community.

This September, the POTS chapter has already embarked on its journey by partnering with the Sacred Heart Greenwich Athletic Department. Last week, all varsity athletes joined the POTS group for an afternoon of service, packing over 100 hygiene and toiletry bags for use by POTS clients. 

Looking ahead to October, the group has planned a specific focus on women and poverty in the Bronx, recognizing the unique challenges faced by this demographic.

Sacred Heart Greenwich's POTS student chapter is an example of the School’s commitment to service and belief that empathy can lead to transformative change within communities. By forging a partnership with POTS and addressing the issue of poverty head-on, these dedicated students are not only learning about the world but actively working to make it a better place for all.