Middle School Students Embrace Health and Balance in Their Lives

Middle School Students Embrace Health and Balance in Their Lives

“The yoga and meditation classes help me to relax and focus on new ways to be calm during the busy school days. It is enjoyable to try something new,” explains Whitney ‘27, as she describes her experience in Middle School wellness class this year. 

Sacred Heart Greenwich recognizes that learning takes place in many venues. As a complement to our extensive curriculum, students engage with and are inspired by experts in the health and wellness fields. In some Middle School wellness classes and as recess options this year, students had the opportunity to learn yoga and mediation from a certified educator who led students through a series of poses in which students learned the art of breath and body control. 

For Lily ‘29, wellness class teaches her “about the brain and what we need to do to have a healthy mind.” Lily adds, “I also study good nutrition for a healthy body.” 

Rooted in Goal V, Criterion 2, Sacred Heart commits that All members of the School community take personal responsibility for health and balance in their lives supported by a school culture that promotes spiritual, intellectual, physical and social-emotional well-being

Dr. Melissa Otero, School Psychologist and Middle School Wellness Teacher, says, “Yoga benefits our physical and mental health in a variety of ways. In addition to improving strength, flexibility, posture, and balance, yoga brings a sense of equilibrium to the whole body and strengthens the mind-body connection. The breathwork associated with yoga is incredibly beneficial in that it triggers the relaxation response, reducing stress, stabilizing blood pressure, and increasing a sense of calm and relaxation. While moving through yogic poses and movements, students have an opportunity to connect with that which they may find challenging and learn ways to work through those hardships by building strength and endurance, and practicing self-love and acceptance.”

Sacred Heart Greenwich young women put their best self forward when they celebrate their own joys in life as well as the joys of others. The health and wellness program, including visiting experts through the Leadership, Health & Wellness Speaker Series, promotes physical and emotional well being and this guides students to feel empowered to take personal responsibility for achieving health and balance in their lives.  

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