Middle School Sports Awards Celebrate a Successful Fall Athletic Season

Middle School Sports Awards Celebrate a Successful Fall Athletic Season

On Monday, November 13, Middle School students, faculty, coaches, and parents gathered to recognize 155 student-athletes who participated in the fall sports season. Each team presented three awards: Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, and the Honor, Heart, Hustle award, which is given to the player whose selfless contributions to the team most improved its success and spirit over the season. 

Mrs. Laurie Rousseau, Director of Athletics, emphasized that being a Sacred Heart Greenwich athlete means living and playing with sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, and hardwork, both on and off the field. She added, “It’s been a thrill to watch our teams come together this fall and notice the growth every individual has made over a short period of time. We are so grateful for your dedication to your teams.” 

Sacred Heart Greenwich Athletics offers opportunities for any interested student to participate in sports and believes that athletics directly support the School’s overall mission to educate young women to be independent and strong in character so that they can become leaders of integrity and wisdom. “Sacred Heart Greenwich teams offer a natural environment to build these leadership skills,” said Mrs. Rousseau. “This is where girls gain confidence, develop relationships, and learn to work as a team to achieve a common goal.” 

In addition, Mrs. Rousseau offered thanks to the many individuals who ensured the success of the fall sports season, including Sacred Heart Greenwich Athletic trainers,  Ms. Caulifee and Mr. Segui,  Mr. Smyers and Mr. Arcano and their Buildings and Grounds teams, and all of the team coaches. Go, Heart, go! 

2023 Middle School Sports Fall Award Winners

7/8 B Green Volleyball – Coach Greer and Coach 


  • Most Valuable Player: Madeline Heissan 

  • Most Improved Award: Amelia Gawlowski 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award: Peyton Rusman 


7/8 B White Volleyball – Coach Greer 


  • Most Valuable Player:Jocelyn Epperson 

  • Most Improved Award :Grace Mulderry 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award “Spenser Simmons 


5/6 White Volleyball – Coach Firla 


  • Most Valuable Player : Grace Bartoszek 

  • Most Improved Award : Edie Bartrop 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Blake Dougherty 


5/6 Green Volleyball – Coach Petersen 


  • Most Valuable Player: Lily Jetnil 

  • Most Improved Award : Emmie Martinic 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Sofia Dinkelmann 


7/8 A Volleyball – Coach Fung and Coach Sheehan 


  • Most Valuable Player: Antoinette VonSchweickhardt 

  • Most Improved Award : Stephanie Galvez 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award: Paige Rigert 


Cross Country – Coach Engelhardt and Coach Mansfield 


  • Most Valuable Player : Ariel Duncan 

  • Most Improved Award : Viola Vettorino 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Aurelia Gawlowski 


5/6 Soccer – Coach Mitchell and Coach Moore 


  • Most Valuable Player : Shannon Foley 

  • Most Improved Award : Paige Yantz 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Julia Pazmino 


7/8 Soccer – Coach Jones, Coach David, and Coach Corcoran 


  • Most Valuable Player : Katherine Foley 

  • Most Improved Award : Arianna Gill 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Arabella Rossi 


5/6 Field Hockey – Coach Freany and Coach Benson


  • Most Valuable Player: Ava Christian 

  • Most Improved Award : Marin Ware 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Hayden Ritcher and Riley Williams 


7/8 A Field Hockey – Coach Steffen 


  • Most Valuable Player : Vianna Gabelli and Margot Gannon 

  • Most Improved Award : Sydney Bellissimo 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Elizabeth Devine 


7/8 B Field Hockey – Coach Rooney 


  • Most Valuable Player : Reese Forlini 

  • Most Improved Award : Mackenzie Malouin 

  • Honor, Heart, Hustle Award : Eleanor Kelleher and Caroline Contino