Middle School Honors Veterans Day with Letters

Middle School Honors Veterans Day with Letters

Goal III calls the Sacred Heart Greenwich community to engage in direct service, develop an active citizenship, and build a life-long commitment to helping others. Powered by this call to action, Middle School students commemorated Veterans Day by teaming up with A Million Thanks to send letters of gratitude and appreciation to American veterans nationwide. A Million Thanks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting and directly delivering millions of letters to active, reserve, and veteran military. To date, the organization has sent an incredible 12,972,826 letters. 

A Million Thanks also goes beyond letters, offering additional programs to support veterans, including scholarships to military families, and running the “Grant A Wish” program, which provides gifts and aid to injured veterans to improve their quality of life. 

“I’m writing this letter to tell you that you are so brave and courageous,” writes Sofia D ’30. “Everyone is so thankful for your service.” 

Mary Frederick, Head of Middle School, shared, “Teaming up with A Million Thanks gives students an opportunity to better understand the sacrifices our military makes and to show their gratitude. It's amazing to see the amount of letters we have to send." 

“Thank you for your service!” writes Rosie D ’31. 

This Veterans Day, Sacred Heart Greenwich extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the men and women who have served in our armed services. We thank veterans everywhere for their service and sacrifice.