Filmmaking Students Support Meals on Wheels with PSA

Filmmaking Students Support Meals on Wheels with PSA

When it comes to calling “Action!” students in Real World Filmmaking are ready, and not just for the action that comes when cameras are rolling. Taught by Mrs. Ellyn Stewart, Director of Media Studies, Design & Innovation, Real World Filmmaking calls students to apply their technical filmmaking skills towards solving problems in our local communities and beyond. It’s a class powered by Goal III: a social awareness which impels to action. In pursuing work that addresses challenging, relevant issues, students develop a critical consciousness and build a life-long commitment to service. 

This fall the class was approached by Debra McLaughlin, a former Sacred Heart Greenwich parent, about the creation of a public service announcement (PSA) for Meals on Wheels. Mrs. McLaughlin now serves as a board member for Meals on Wheels, an organization dedicated to delivering nutritious, low-cost meals to any Greenwich resident in need. 

Real World Filmmaking students collectively pitched ideas and the class voted on a proposal from Amanda C '24 and Callie R '26. Using a blend of photos, video, and compelling facts, Amanda and Callie produced a PSA that inspires viewers to learn more about how they can get involved with Meals on Wheels. 

Mrs. McLaughlin said, “[Amanda and Callie] created a PSA that reflects the vibrancy and togetherness of Meals-on-Wheels, Inc. of Greenwich. We thought the video was so authentic that we placed it on the front page of our website and Facebook page.” 

Amanda ‘24 believes that their partnership with Meals on Wheels truly benefits all involved, “Making this PSA for Meals on Wheels Greenwich was a really fun experience,” Amanda said. “ Even more so, seeing our vision and symbolism come to life as we filmed and edited the project was so uplifting. I am really proud of the final project, and I am so happy I got to partner with Meals on Wheels to be a part of the salient and powerful work they do. “

Thank you to Amanda and Callie for raising awareness about Meals on Wheels. Their hard work and creativity supports an important resource in the Greenwich community. To view the PSA, click here.