Earth Week 2024: A Schoolwide Commitment to Stewardship

Earth Week 2024: A Schoolwide Commitment to Stewardship

Goal III, Criterion 4 calls all members of the Sacred Heart Network to engage in effective stewardship of the earth's resources. The Sacred Heart Greenwich community wholeheartedly embraces this responsibility as caretakers and celebrates the beauty and vitality of our campus ecosystem and beyond. Earth Week 2024 has been a festive showcase of all the exciting and creative ways in which students and faculty collaboratively strive to protect our environment and honor the magnificence of creation.

Throughout the week, Upper School Morning Meeting featured a series of engaging presentations that highlighted School sustainability initiatives. These student-led presentations explored everything from the role of pollinators on campus to the detrimental effects of idling cars. Special thanks to Avery K ’24, Frankie M.24, Ellie D ’25, Aubrey L. ’26, Ms. Margaret Von Dermeden, Mustard Seeds teacher, and Wil Smyers, Grounds Manager, for sharing their expertise and knowledge with the community. 

On Friday, April 19th, the School was abuzz with activity as students and faculty led over 35 workshops. From bird walks to building pollinator hotels to poetry in nature and seed planting, there was something for everyone! Students explored Copper Pond, learned about composting with Chef Gold, made kites in the makerspace, and engaged in mural making. Our youngest learners in Kindergarten showcased their observational skills and artistic talents with botanical drawing, while a group of ten sophomores led “Herbs from the Heart” showcasing the new herb garden they created this year. Adding to the excitement was even a visit from a group of baby goats! 

Earth Week celebrations continue this weekend at Saturday’s Bruce Park Cleanup and next Tuesday, Sacred Heart Greenwich teams up with our Network sister at 91st Street and Stuart Country Day for a Sustainability Summit.  

Click here to see photos of Earth Day events!