Bienvenue en France! Lower School Celebrates French Week

Bienvenue en France! Lower School Celebrates French Week

Bienvenue en France! This week Lower School students discovered their classrooms and hallways transformed into scenes from an idyllic French countryside, signs which could only mean it’s Lower School French Week! 

Led by Madame Kimberly Fox with great creativity and joy, students followed in the footsteps of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat as they traveled from Sophie’s hometown of Joigny to the big streets of Paris, with stops along the way to the “Le Photobooth” to pose for pictures with iconic French backdrops. “My hope is for Lower School girls to live and breathe in French culture,” shared Madame Fox. 

With recognition of the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, students participated in their own French Olympics, which included a spelling bee with French words spelled using the French pronunciation of the alphabet, a scavenger hunt to investigate famous French inventors, the creation of videos about French week, and games of boules and 1-2-3 soleil. “I tied in  “Les Jeux Olympiques”  to inspire our students to enjoy working hard with discipline and courage,” said Madame Fox.

She continued, “However, I think everyone’s favorite part was the truly French goûter where the girls  tasted and learned about French cuisine!” Throughout the week, students delighted in surprise snacks of pain au chocolat, crêpes, and madeleines served by fellow classmates donning a chef hat and saying “bon appétit!”

This immersive learning during French Week exemplifies the dynamic criteria of Goal I; the pursuit of intellectual values. Within Madame Fox’s imaginative landscape and amid the multisensory activities, students engaged with challenging new experiences that inspired their curiosity, contributed to building a global mindset and affirmed a life-long love of learning. C’est magnifique!

Please click here to watch our "Welcome to French Week" video.