US Students National Latin Examination Winners

US Students National Latin Examination Winners

As told by teacher John Martone

“Congratulations to two of our Upper School students -- junior Daphne Hartch and sophomore Samantha Sawhney -- on this year's National Latin Examination.  Yet again, both Daphne and Samantha performed exceptionally well on their respective sections. Daphne earned the Gold Medal (Summa cum Laude) on the Advanced Poetry examination, while Samantha earned the Gold Medal (also Summa cum Laude) on the Beginning Latin examination. Daphne is currently taking Advanced Placement Latin through SophieConnect; Samantha continues to work independently, teaching herself both the basic and more advanced Latin grammar and syntax.

The Gold Medals awarded comprise the highest possible distinction that the examiners give.

The successes of Daphne and Samantha on the National Latin Examination truly are testaments not only to their natural talent and abilities with language in general but also to their diligence in working through the challenging material covered on the Examination.

The National Latin Examination has been administered for over 40 years to students of the Latin language in all levels, with well over one hundred thousand students taking it each year throughout the world.”

Congratulations Daphne and Samatha!