Upper School Model UN Explores World Events at Princeton University

Upper School Model UN Explores World Events at Princeton University

On November 17-20, 2022, Sacred Heart’s Model UN club traveled to Princeton University to participate in the Princeton Model UN Conference (PMUNC). Attracting over 1,000 students, PMUNC included participants from across America and around the world, with delegates hailing as far as India, China, and Central America. At every Model UN conference, students simulate the roles and actions of the United Nations’ General Assembly, and students act as ambassadors to debate and propose solutions for global issues. PMUNC is considered one of Model UN’s premier events, dedicated to providing its participants with an outstanding immersive educational experience. 

Sacred Heart Greenwich students had the opportunity to examine the Uyghur Muslim crisis in China, discussed access to clean and renewable energy, and focused on ways to engage with Russia and refugees. They even journeyed back and forth through time to imagine themselves solving past and future conflicts. In one “crisis committee,” The Spanish Civil War, delegates debated saving the Spanish Republic and launching into all out war. Another committee included Mars: The Final Frontier, where students plotted an interstellar escape to Mars. 

Isobel ’23 and Ella ’24 represented the United States on The Disarmament and International Security Committee. In this role, Isobel and Ella explored issues surrounding nuclear weapons and the Arctic conflict, ultimately earning an Honorable Mention award for their work. 

Isobel and Ella summarized their work as the following: “We developed solutions, such as the treaty, CREEP (Countries Reaching the Eventual Elimination of Proliferation) that requires nations to comply with nuclear weapon transparency laws, pledge to demilitarize at specific annual rates, and commit to the non-proliferation process. For the Arctic Conflict issue, we created a committee of scientists, SNOW (Scientific Research, Negotiation, Organization, and Worldwide Collaboration) who monitor climate change in the Arctic region, the sovereignty of indigenous peoples, and assess the possibility of international, environmentally conscious trade routes. As the United States, we actively discussed these solutions with other nations during unmoderated caucuses and participated in formal resolution paper presentations and Q&A sessions during the committee. We vouched for and presented our solutions to all nations multiple times during moderated caucuses to promote collaboration and form productive alliances. In the end, our bloc's resolution papers were passed.” 

Congratulations to all members of our Sacred Heart Greenwich Model UN club for tremendous work!