SHG Science Teacher Joan Fei: STEM Teachers NYC Presentation on Socratic Dialogue

SHG Science Teacher Joan Fei: STEM Teachers NYC Presentation on Socratic Dialogue

Did you know that on average, teachers ask 400 questions per day; or roughly 70,000 questions per year? This huge statistic led Joan Fei, an Upper School Science teacher here at Sacred Heart Greenwich, and Chris Resch, who is a Biology Teacher, Montgomery High School, to start asking questions. 

“What are all these questions for? In what ways do these questions cultivate curiosity, foster dialogue, and build your students' science identities? There is no doubt that questions are at the heart of our profession. But how can we most effectively use questions to meet these goals?” These are just a few that Mrs. Fei asked herself, which led her to create a workshop focusing on  Socratic dialogue in STEM, which she presented on Zoom on November 6th, 2021. 

This type of Socratic dialogue is a way of both intentionally and spontaneously curating a student’s path to understanding – by reflecting and expanding on students’ own questions. “In this workshop, we explored the several types of Socratic questions and how to build on these in a hybrid teaching context,” Mrs. Fei explained. “We talked through sample student-teacher questioning transcripts, took time to work with participant launch phenomena, and targeted and tackled specific challenges to questioning.” 

Wish you could have been there? Today’s your lucky day! Mrs. Fei and Mr. Resch are hosting another workshop on November 13th, 2021. Join them on Zoom from 10:00 to 11:30 am to experience a wonderful presentation and discussion on Socratic Dialogue for STEM Teachers. 


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