Sacred Heart Students Recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Sacred Heart Students Recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

This week, 41 students from the Upper and Middle School divisions were recognized for their numerous achievements in photography, art, and writing by the 2021 Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. School-wide, the students garnered 56 total awards. Gold Key winners are automatically entered in the national competition, with results usually announced in March.
The competition is open to students aged 13-year-olds and up, 7th-12th grades, and the writing is judged blind without being grouped by age or grade, so middle school and upper school students compete directly in the same pool.
In the writing category, 8 Gold Keys were awarded to the following students:  
Kensington Bleuel ‘25, Hazel Carrion ‘25 (2 awards), Angelique Cordova ‘25, Teresa Harkins ‘25, Annie Hughes ‘25, Gabrielle Wheeler ‘23, Annika Wise ‘25. 
Silver Keys:  Caitlin Cahill ‘25 (2 awards), Grace Coale ‘21, Kaitlyn Droscoski ‘25, Annie Hughes ‘25, Marguerite Lee ‘22, Moira Marangi ‘25, Sam Mecane ‘24, Hunter Nigey ‘25 (2 awards), Emily Shull ‘25, Gabrielle Wheeler ‘23.

Honorable Mentions: Charley Bacigalupo  '25, Lilly Dallesandro  '25, Lizzy Davies  '25, Kaitlyn Droscoski  '25, Maggie Finn  '25, Lillie Foster  '25, Anna Fullerton  '25, Abby Gschwind  '25, Teresa Harkins  '25, Marina Lodge  '25, Sophia Lynch  '25 (2 awards), Emmy Marlatt  '25, Megan McGrath  '25, Caroline McKeown  '25, Lizzy Muir  '25 (2 awards), Hannah O'Meara  '25, Holly Richard  '25, Alex Rivera  '25, Emily Shull  '25 (2 awards), Lindsay Taylor  '24, Kenza Aissaoui  '23, Nouha Aissaoui  '23, Catriona Marangi  '22, Catriona Marangi  '22, Gabrielle Wheeler  '23, Natalie Dosmond  '22, Marguerite Lee  '22, Claire Moore  '22, Elisa Taylor  '22 (2 awards), Angélique Wheeler  '22, and Lianna Amoruso  '21. 

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards awarded Gold Keys to Juliette Ingram ‘21 for her photo “Breakfast With the King” and Lily Santangelo ‘21 for her photo “Working From Home”, and Silver Keys to Caroline Bennet ‘22 and Julia Fonti ‘22 for their respective photos: “Homelessness in Guatemala” and “Nonna”. Molly Parker ‘23 also received an Honorable Mention for her photograph entitled “Sophie”, as did Sydney O’Connor ‘21 for her painting “Afloat," and Sophia Lynch '25 for her watercolor painting entitled "Longing."

Additionally, Elisa Taylor '22 won a Gold Key Award in Film & Animation for her short film entitled "Dream Sequence."
The total breakdown of awards is as follows:
Middle School: 28 students, 38 awards
Upper School: 13 students, 18 awards
Gold Keys: 8 (7 MS, 1 US)
Silver Keys: 12 (8 MS, 4 US)
Hon. Mention: 36 (23 MS, 13 US)

From the official results page, the total number of each level of award (approx 1700 entries for the entire region):
Gold: 108 (SHG 8, 7.4% of total)
Silver: 166 (SHG 12, 7.2% of total)
Hon. Mention: 273 (SHG 36, 13% of total)

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