RSCJ Sisters Visit 6th Grade Pen Pals

RSCJ Sisters Visit 6th Grade Pen Pals

In the spirit of Goal 4, the building of community as a Christian value, six Sisters of the RSCJ order made a virtual visit to the 6th grade for fellowship, conversation, and a Q&A on Tuesday, December 15th. 

The 6th-grade students are pen pals with the Sisters: Sr. Joan Magnetti, who was the former Headmistress of Stuart Country Day School in Princeton and later the Headmistress of Sacred Heart Greenwich from 1990 until 2009; Srs. Margo Morris and Paula Gruner, who work at Sprout Creek Farm, Sr. Grace Butler, who teaches ESL through Building One Community in Stamford, and Srs. Imma DeStefanis and Reyna Gonzales, who work nationally and internationally to further social justice.

The nuns answered questions the students had prepared for them, deepening the relationship they developed through their letters. Sr. Magnetti noted, “They were really thoughtful questions: Did you have a ‘wow’ moment in your life? What was that like? Was there anything in your life that you regret? Why did you become a nun?” The students’ questions helped them better understand life as a nun and gain context around the mission of a Sacred Heart education. 

Student Maria Walsh reflected on the virtual meeting saying, “It was really nice to hear their perspective of Sacred Heart and how the Society made such an impact on each of their lives. It made me feel more connected to Sacred Heart knowing their stories." 

Despite restrictions prohibiting in-person visits, the students were still enthusiastic about engaging with each of these faithful women. “They were so sweet with each other…There were a lot of questions we didn’t get to,” said Sr. Magnetti. She hopes that their relationships with students can continue to grow, expanding on the School’s strong interdisciplinary curriculum, and ultimately include coursework on the history of the RSCJ order.

Middle School theology teacher Mrs. Karen Cornell said that the event “was an excellent reminder of why we are here and the mission that has been entrusted to us. We are rooted in these amazing, faithful women who devote their entire lives to sharing the love of Jesus with the world." 


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