Rock the Street, Wall Street Partners with Upper School for Financial Education

Rock the Street, Wall Street Partners with Upper School for Financial Education

This fall an exciting new partnership kicked off between Sacred Heart Greenwich and Rock the Street, Wall Street, a financial and investment literacy program with a mission to educate young women about finance and inspire them to pursue careers in the industry. 

Rock the Street, Wall Street pairs schools with financial institutions and provides a curriculum for students and their mentors to explore. This year, twenty-eight Sacred Heart Greenwich students worked with mentors from nearby Forester Capital. Their mentors are female leaders at the firm, who are passionate about exposing young women to finance and promoting gender equity within the field. 

Over the course of twelve sessions, students learned to evaluate stock and bonds, build and analyze their own portfolios, budget, and understand how to save and invest for the future. They even visited the offices of Forester, where students heard from Jennifer Ralph Oppold, a founder and portfolio manager at the firm. 

Erin McStravick, a managing director at Forester Capital and mentor in the Rock the Street program, writes, “We are thrilled to be working with Rock the Street and the team at Sacred Heart. My colleagues and I jumped at the chance to get more young women excited about personal finance and careers in the financial industry. The students we have met are exceptional and we hope they think of us as possible references in the future – no matter their career paths.”

After a competitive application process, Sacred Heart Greenwich was selected to join the program. Kerry Bader, who coordinated the school’s application and participation, believes the partnership is an ideal fit. “This program builds off of our currently existing Financial Literacy program and dovetails perfectly with Goals II and V.  Goal II is embodied through the development of financial and entrepreneurial skills, and Goal V is mirrored in the ways in which the girls are taught about risk in the financial markets and how when making financial decisions it is important to understand the risk/benefit analysis.  As such, it serves as a metaphor for other decisions that our students make. “

The partnership with Rock the Street, Wall Street, is an initiative of the Sacred Heart FUTURES program. FUTURES is a mindset, rooted in the Goals & Criteria, that equips Sacred Heart Greenwich girls K-12 through interdisciplinary programming to build a foundation in financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Learn more about how students in each division are participating in FUTURES initiatives through robust academic study, hands-on projects, financial simulations, and career exploration in order to develop the agility, aspiration, and empathy to reimagine solutions, navigate the world of business, and, more broadly, flourish in an evolving world.