Oh, the places you'll go! The Network Exchange Returns to Middle School!

Oh, the places you'll go! The Network Exchange Returns to Middle School!

Oh, the places you’ll go…when you are a member of the Sacred Heart Network! After a three year Covid hiatus, the Network Exchange program returns to the Middle School, linking our 25 schools across North America. Our students are eager to take advantage of this unique opportunity for exploration and discovery. 

The Network Exchange is a reciprocal system; students in the Sacred Heart Network are invited to spend a week attending classes at one of their sister schools and live with a host family. This year seven eighth graders will participate, visiting Chicago, Halifax, Princeton, New Orleans, and San Francisco. 

“The exchange program was a fantastic opportunity,” says Sophia M. ’27. “ I loved experiencing the beautiful activities at Stuart Country Day. I also enjoyed showing my exchange student around my Sacred Heart school here in Greenwich.”

Maria W. ’27 will soon be off to the Convent and Stuart Hall School. “I am really looking forward to experiencing life at our Sacred Heart sister school in San Francisco. I am looking forward to living in a new city and making great friends across the country. I can't wait to go on my exchange!”

Travel brings the thrill of new experiences and inspires curiosity about people and places different from home. Yet when the travel is to another Sacred Heart school, our students also find familiarity in shared traditions and common values rooted in the Goals & Criteria. Whether it’s discovering the portrait of Mater or enjoying a gouter, or recognizing a shared emphasis on faith and service, participants in the Exchange program strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and reinforce their places in the special community of Sacred Heart schools. 

Middle School librarian and Director of Library Services, Jillian Wolf, coordinates the Middle School Network Exchange. “The eighth grade Network Exchange gives our girls the opportunity to experience other Network schools and communities across North America,” writes Mrs. Wolf.  “Their visits to places like San Francisco, New Orleans, and Chicago allow them to witness the myriad ways the Goals & Criteria inspire action, helping them to develop a deeper connection to the Sacred Heart, envision how they'd like to see familiar traditions embraced, and inspire them to consider how our shared mission can impact and change our community.”