New Faculty & Staff Perspective: Why Sacred Heart Greenwich?

New Faculty & Staff Perspective: Why Sacred Heart Greenwich?

Welcome back, Sacred Heart! The start of a new school year doesn’t only mean new students, but new faculty and staff members as well. We took a few minutes to ask them exactly what drew them to Sacred Heart and why they wanted to work here. The common theme? The amazing sense of community, stemming from Goal IV, among the faculty, staff, and students. Read on to find out the ways in which they saw the values and mission of Sacred Heart being demonstrated in their interview processes, first days, and beyond. 

Kevin Williamson, Upper School Photography and Design Teacher: “From all that I have seen so far, Sacred Heart is a deeply connected and loving community. Students work to collaborate and build meaningful, lasting relationships with each other. Sacred Heart feels like a truly welcoming place for a new teacher to start.”

Isabelle Dumoulin, Middle School English Teacher: “The community and LOVE for the community [made me want to work at Sacred Heart]. I have felt so welcomed and respected since being hired and I cannot wait for a wonderful experience here.”

Frederica McGannon, Director of Barat Center: “What stood out to me was the kindness I felt from the people I was meeting with and the passion they expressed about their vocation. I love the Sacred Heart traditions and values and I am so glad to be a part of them.”

Brittany Robertson, Alumnae Relations Associate: “Everyone I spoke to was kind and spoke highly of the Sacred Heart community. They made you feel like you were a part of the community during your interview process.”

Nancy Parra, Lower School Assistant Teacher: “The school is led by very spiritual people. I admire this and I hope I can learn from them, for the benefit of our students and community in general.”

Leah Principe, Upper School Multimedia Assistant Teacher: “I loved that Sacred Heart focuses on community and the broader picture. They realize that when we come together, it is more powerful and impactful. Every girl seemed excited and eager to learn and be a part of the school and what it stands for. I am excited to share my previous knowledge of news broadcasting and see what the girls will accomplish this year.”

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