Eighth Grade Tech Students are Feeling ‘Appy!

Eighth Grade Tech Students are Feeling ‘Appy!

Eighth grade technology students recently unveiled their latest projects: smartphone apps! Tasked with identifying societal challenges, and developing apps to address these issues, students followed the design-thinking process to plan, build, and test. With support from Middle School Director of Technology and Innovation, Deanna George, students created prototypes, applied coding skills, and experimented and revised on repeat. Their final products? Nothing short of outstanding! 

In addition to technical skills, eighth graders honed their abilities to collaborate and effectively work in teams. Olivia Franco ’27 shares, “Learning to communicate well with one another was very important throughout this experience. I’ll definitely carry that with me into other projects.” 

The eighth graders’ apps target a wide range of needs. Laurel Cary ’27, Ana Pizzimbono ’27, and Liv Heggarty ’27 created “Dirty to Clean,” an app for people struggling with access to clean water sources. With easy to navigate buttons and quick swipes, users can find directions to sources of clean water, and even share this information with other users. The app also provides users with information on how to purify their own water.  

Maisie Pascal ’27, Gabrielle Hughes ’27, and Riley Mitchell ’27 developed “Ready, Set, Study,” an app geared especially towards students. Their app offers a one-stop resource for calendars, to-do lists, and study tools, like flashcards and quiz templates. They were inspired after their own experiences of toggling between multiple websites to organize and prepare assignments.  

“The process of creating the apps can be challenging,” says Ms. George. “Many times something doesn't work as intended and the girls have to troubleshoot the problem- but they don't give up! I'm just so proud of what they were able to accomplish through their hard work and determination.”