Calling all non-profts: Barat Foundation application open

Calling all non-profts: Barat Foundation application open

The Barat Foundation, a student-run philanthropic grant-making organization, is now accepting applications from non-profit organizations for 2022 grants to help improve the lives of children worldwide. Apply on the Sacred Heart website here.

The Barat Foundation began in 2004 with the idea to establish an endowment and to use proceeds from its investment to provide qualified non-profit organizations with grants. To date, the Barat Foundation and its grants have reached children in our local community, other parts of the United States, and the world by enhancing programs that serve their needs.  

Sacred Heart senior and Barat Foundation club president Lauren Giuriceo reflected on the opportunity to lead the grant-making process, saying that her goal for this year for the club is to “...continue the atmosphere of open discussion and consider voices of all members while reviewing grant applications. Also, as we are still emerging from the pandemic, we want to ensure that our donations not only mitigate stresses of the past years but also make strides towards our supported organizations' rebounds from COVID-19. Overall, we want to fund projects that coincide with our deep value for education and improve the educational opportunities available for children in our broader community.”  

Interested organizations should complete an online application by February 10, 2022.

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