Author George O'Connor Visits Lower School

Author George O'Connor Visits Lower School

On Thursday, February 9th, Lower School students traveled back in time to experience the mystery and magic of creatures both real and mythological. The leader of this adventure was the writer and illustrator, George O’Connor. Mr. O’Connor might be best known as the author of The Olympians, a distinctive series of twelve graphic novels depicting the stories of Greek gods and goddesses. “I write books that I want to read,” said Mr. O’Connor. “There are a lot of books about Greek mythology out there. But none of them saw these stories in the very specific way that I see them.”

Mr. O’Connor’s visit began with an interactive presentation to kindergarten, first, and second grades on dinosaurs. The presentation included live sketches, a lesson on Mr. O’Connor’s favorite Cretaceous critters, and readings from his illustrated book, If I Had a Raptor and If I Had a Triceratops. 

Later in the day, Mr. O’Connor met with third and fourth graders to traverse the realms of mythology. Using Greek mythology as his centerpiece, Mr. O’Connor compared mythologies from around the world to illuminate their commonalities and reveal universal cultural beliefs. Students discovered how the days of the week received their names (just ask the Norse god, Odin!), and Mr. O’Connor kept his audience rapt with stories, fun facts, and immersive illustrations. Parents, ask your daughter why we should consider Apollo to be the scariest god and not the more traditionally spooky characters, like Hades or Ares. What does Poseidon have to be grumpy about? And who’s the most terrifying monster in all mythology? Why Typhon, of course! 

Mr. O’Connor’s visit delighted both faculty and students. “George O’Connor is really funny! His books are so interesting. I thought this visit was really cool and awesome!”  shared Nora Cullinane ’32. 

We couldn’t agree more! A special thanks to Lower School librarian, Emily Valente, for bringing Mr. O’Connor to the Lower School. For more information on George O’Connor, please click here.