9 of 11 Documentary and PSA Gold Circle Awards go to SHG filmmakers

9 of 11 Documentary and PSA Gold Circle Awards go to SHG filmmakers

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) announces the winners from its 39th Gold Circle Awards program. This year, the Gold Circle Awards attracted 4,132 entrants in 91 categories.  

Nine of the eleven national winners in the Documentary and PSA category were from Sacred Heart Greenwich's Media Studies program. Special congratulations to Jhonni Dixon '23 who won three national awards for her non-fiction filmmaking in this year's Gold Circle Awards. 

"It is especially remarkable that two of the top documentaries from Sacred Heart Greenwich were filmed via Zoom during the pandemic. This shows that powerful storytelling transcends the latest and greatest technology. For example, Payton Sfreddo was just a freshman when she interviewed her grandfather remotely about his experience in the Vietnam War, placing first in the nation for her documentary. What an honor to see Sacred Heart filmmakers recognized as some of the top journalists in the nation by Columbia Scholastic Press Association," Director of Media Studies, Design and Innovation Ms. Ellyn Stewart said.

Congratulations to all of our winners!



1st place, Payton Sfreddo '24, "The Vietnam War

3rd place, Charlotte Fallon '22 and Annie Hamilton '22, “Pedaling from a Different Perspective

Certificate of Merit, Jhonni Dixon '23, "Let's Talk Business

Certificate of Merit, Isabel DeVita '21, "Nobu's Blue Skies

Certificate of Merit, Mary Hawthorn '22, "A Busy Bee

Public Service Announcement

1st place, Jhonni Dixon '23, “Diversity

3rd place, Jhonni Dixon '23, "Black Lives Matter

Certificate of Merit, Catriona Marangi '22, "A Toy

Certificate of Merit, Olivia Christensen '21, "1-800-273-8255

Entries were accepted from student yearbooks and digital media publications published from October 2, 2020 through October 12, 2021. These entries come from publications produced by students at colleges, universities, and secondary schools throughout the United States. In summary, judges cited a total of 606 winners for yearbook and digital media.  To learn more about the Columbia Scholastic Press Gold Circle Awards, go to: