The Goals & Criteria guide the mission and purpose of Sacred Heart Greenwich and all of the United States and Canadian Province of the Sacred Heart schools. Every fifteen years, the Provincial team leads a revision process in recognition of the fact that the mission is never fully complete and that each generation lives out the mission in different ways. The five timeless Goals remain unchanged, and the changes made to the criteria reflect the vision and hope for Sacred Heart schools for the next fifteen years. 

Goals & Criteria

In the Goals and Criteria, the Society of the Sacred Heart defines the mission of the School as part of the Society's educational mission in the Catholic Church.

Each school is accountable to the Society through the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals for adherence to the Goals and Criteria.

Each school's Board of Trustees and Administration establishes and upholds policies that are consistent with the Goals and Criteria.

The School allocates its resources to support each Goal and its Criteria.

The School is in compliance with professional standards as stated by accrediting agencies.


Sacred Heart Greenwich student community service goals criteria