Strategic Plan

Approved by the Board of Trustees – September 26, 2016
Educating Principled Leaders and Innovators for
the Opportunities and Challenges of Tomorrow

Dear Sacred Heart Community, 

Now in our 168th academic year, we look forward to a future that builds upon the successful state of our School. We are in the strongest financial condition in our history. Over the past five years, we have purchased 118 acres of land from the Society of the Sacred Heart, built a state of the art athletic facility, and made numerous campus improvements and renovations. Through the generosity of our community, we have significantly increased our physical assets while incurring only a small amount of debt, which we can pay from operating cash flow over time. 

Our most precious intangible assets are also at their highest value ever. The Sacred Heart Network continues to thrive with programs like SophieConnect, as technology provides access to national and global connectivity. Our Goals and Criteria are ever more important as a framework to instill ethics and moral responsibility in our students. Our community has steadfastly supported us with financial gifts and gifts of volunteerism, as well as by sharing our fundamental principles. 

Sacred Heart Greenwich is one of over 200 Sacred Heart schools on six continents. All of our schools share a common vision nuanced by different cultures and customs. As part of this global network, we can offer our students a safe global educational experience that is differentiated from other Fairfield/Westchester schools. Most importantly, our network shares a set of values, which transcend geography and politics. 

Our mission has always been to educate the whole child, and to address issues of ethics and morality actively and openly with the Goals and Criteria as our guideposts. Our entire community of students, alumnae, faculty and parents, as well as the communities of our global network schools, is unified by a transparent and unambiguous set of principles. 

"Educating Principled Leaders and Innovators for the Opportunities and Challenges of Tomorrow" is the result of nearly two years of research, input and analysis. We wrote a comprehensive self-evaluation of our entire program. Numerous members of our community shared their thoughts and visions with us through several surveys and interviews. We conducted focus group studies, completed a competitive analysis of our neighbor schools and undertook several system audits. 

The four pillars of the plan emphasize and enhance our:

  • Mission and Culture
  • Global Education and Experience
  • Communication and Outreach
  • Transformative Student Opportunities

We invite all members of the Sacred Heart community to join with us today as we celebrate our strengths to educate for tomorrow. 

Christopher R. Ryan P '12, '16
Chair of the Board of Trustees 

Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 
Head of School