Sacred Heart Greenwich is committed through the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools to create, support, nurture and celebrate a diverse community, thus carrying the timeless Sacred Heart commitment to inclusion and mutual respect. 

At Sacred Heart Greenwich, we are committed to embrace diversity with all its textures and potential. We know a diverse community allows all our constituencies to be more open, honest, enriched, comfortable and enlightened; ultimately allowing all to grow and reach their fullest potential at the School and later in life. 

The School seeks to provide an environment for learning and growth, whereby students welcome, embrace and celebrate differences, including learning styles, physical ability, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic class and wherein they value and become transformed by these differences, in an increasingly interconnected global community. 

To this end, the School will actively develop and implement a Long Range Diversity Plan approved by the Board of Trustees, develop and implement support programs, recruit staff and students of diverse backgrounds and experiences with a goal of assuring on-going education of the entire Sacred Heart family to the values of inclusion as one of the essential hallmarks of a Sacred Heart education. 

Approved by the BOT 4/23/07

Diversity Statement

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